All About Amy Green’s Simply Sugar & Gluten Free Cookbook

In today’s world of hectic schedules and instant gratification, quick and simple has come to mean dinner from the closest fast food joint, pizza delivery man, or box of processed food. To most Americans, giving up refined sugar and gluten would require time and energy they just don’t have. That’s what Amy Green thought, too.

It took years for Amy to admit she had to take the leap and give up refined sugar and gluten.

Amy was often depressed, moody, irritable, and frequently in bed with a migraine. Like many Americans, she struggled with her weight, trying diet after diet. Going sugar-free and gluten-free lost her sixty pounds, and more importantly, restored her health.

“I had to get to a place where I was willing to do whatever I could to live a better life,” she says. “The journey wasn’t pretty, but it taught me how precious life is. I never want to look at myself again and not like what I see in the mirror.”

Amy founded a website to share recipes and tips for living SF&GF without giving up her busy life. The website exploded in popularity, culminating in her new book, Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free. “I love finding ways to take shortcuts in the kitchen without sacrificing quality…it makes me feel like I’m getting away with something,” she says. “So I decided to put together a book that shows people healthier food can be simple and delicious. I know this is a book people can use daily to improve their quality of life.”

From healthy entrées like “make ahead chicken” and “stuffed bell peppers” to decadent desserts like “flourless chocolate torte” and “strawberry rhubarb cobbler,” Amy’s recipes focus on meals that can be made in twenty minutes. The book also contains detailed guidelines for readers interested in learning more about different types of flours, pantry items, and other foods to keep on hand for healthy eating.

“I do it just for right now, just for the meal in front of me. I don’t worry about what I’m going to eat two months from now. Yes, I take care of myself and plan ahead. But keeping the focus on right now takes away the obsession and fear that initially brought me to my knees.”

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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