Allergy-free Recipes for your Baby Shower

Having a baby shower is a time for celebration! There’s no need to feel left out — or have your guests feel excluded — if you or any of your invitees have food allergies. You can provide nibbles that everyone can safely indulge in, without skimping on taste.

Make sure your baby shower is worry-free by having plenty of allergy-friendly snacks and nibbles on hand. Common allergies may include gluten, eggs, soy, dairy and more — you can choose to avoid foods like these altogether, or group all “safe” recipes in a certain location. Give these recipes a whirl!

  • Dairy-free Tea Sandwiches 1 of 8
    Tiny tea sandwiches are the perfect finger food for a baby shower — they're light and they look great arranged on a table. You can make a variety of flavors and label each platter with possible allergen ingredients. These dairy-free cucumber mint sandwiches on spelt bread are delightful. Another option is using gluten-free bread, too!
    Make Dairy-Free Cucumber Mint Sandwiches
  • Gluten-free Muffins 2 of 8
    Baked goods are generally pretty easy to make gluten-free — and even egg- and dairy- free, too. Gluten-free muffins are a nice, light, sweet nibble for a baby shower, especially if you're having it early in the day. Try a variety of flavors: blueberry, cinnamon swirl, lemon poppyseed, or even these vegan, gluten-free matcha green tea banana muffins..
    Make Gluten-Free Matcha Muffins, recipe on Healthy. Happy. Life.
  • Dairy-free Sundae Bar 3 of 8
    If you want a chill dessert at your shower, that is easily made allergy-friendly, try a make-it-yourself sundae bar. You can have rice-, soy-, coconut- and dairy-based ice creams available for your guests' varied tastes — and a variety of toppings to choose from so allergen-sensitive guests can create their own treat.
    Make Dairy-Free Strawberry Split
  • Egg-free Cupcakes 4 of 8
    Chocolate and peanut butter is always a winning flavor combination, so these egg-free cupcakes may be perfect for your party. You can even make a few recipe ingredient substitutions to make these dairy-free as well!
    Make Peanut Butter Cup Cakes
  • Dairy-free Dip 5 of 8
    This creamy, raw cashew dip makes a hearty, healthy, raw, vegan party dip. Serve with a platter of veggie sticks and gluten-free crackers or toast.
    Make Cashew Dip
  • Sugar-free Cookies 6 of 8
    Sweet chocolate-chunk banana cookies would make an excellent nibble for your shower. These tasty treats are egg-free, sugar-free and gluten-free!
    Make Peanut Butter Chunk Cookies
  • Allergy-friendly Fruit Tapas 7 of 8
    Fresh fruit is always a beautiful addition to a baby shower spread — but multi-ingredient fruit salad can sometimes be a bad idea if a guest may be allergic to one of the ingredients. By splitting the fruit into separate "tapas" dishes, you can allow guests to choose which fruit varieties they put on their plate.
    Make Fruit Tapas
  • Rice-based Sides 8 of 8
    When it comes to side dishes, rice- and bean- based recipes are usually pretty safe when it comes to food allergies — you are more likely to find wheat and gluten allergies in a crowd as opposed to rice or bean allergies! Since rice is gluten-free and is a very versatile ingredient — there is much you can do with this delicious grain.
    Make Jamaican Rice

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