Food Inspired by Angry Birds

  • Food Inspired by Angry Birds 1 of 10
    Pizza, cookies, cupcakes and more!
  • Angry Birds Babybel 2 of 10
    Okay. We know the birds are supposed to be angry, but we can’t help but find this Babybel creation insanely adorable.
    Make Angry Birds Babybel »
  • Angry Birds Onigiri 3 of 10
    From now on we’ll only eat rice if it looks like this.
    Make Angry Birds onigiri »
  • Angry Birds Mini Pizzas 4 of 10
    With an olive unibrow and pepperoni feathers, these vegan pizzas get a high score (and three stars!) from us.
    Make Angry Birds mini pizzas »
  • Angry Birds Sandwiches 5 of 10
    Imagine the glee on your kid's face if you made him one of these sandwiches for lunch. (Sure beats the usual ham and cheese.)
    Make Angry Birds sandwiches »
  • Angry Birds Cupcakes 6 of 10
    You better keep the bird cupcakes away from the pig ones — unless you want a level 10 Angry Birds situation to take place in your kitchen.
    Make Angry Birds cupcakes »
  • Angry Birds Fruit Faces 7 of 10
    On the hunt for a healthy snack for your hungry little birds? These fruit faces are so cute, your kids won’t even miss the processed sugar found in other treats.
    Make Angry Birds fruit faces »
  • Angry Birds Donut Holes 8 of 10
    Seriously ... how amazingly accurate are these donut holes? Anyone got a slingshot?
    Make Angry Birds donut holes »
  • Angry Birds Cookies 9 of 10
    Let the kids do the “painting” on these cookies, and you just might end up with a few new Angry Bird characters.
    Make Angry Birds cookies »
  • Angry Birds Baked Pancake 10 of 10
    Fruit roll-ups and a little icing turn this whole-wheat pancake into everyone’s favorite flying pig-smasher.
    Make an Angry Birds baked pancake »
Article Posted 7 years Ago

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