Angry Birds Sandwiches for the Lunch Box

I actually had no idea Angry Birds existed until a few short months ago, but now my kids are obsessed with slinging those birds at those pesky pigs. After turning a few donut holes into Angry Birds desserts, I decided a whole Angry-Birds-themed lunch was in order, and so we set about making Angry Birds sandwiches as well.

These Angry Birds sandwiches are so easy to throw together, and they’re also fun to make, to eat, and to see small faces light up as you put cartoon-like characters in front of them in edible form.

Angry Birds Sandwiches

Mini bagels
slices of salami
slices of cheddar cheese
Fresh mozzarella
black olives
romaine lettuce, shredded

Cut salami to the size of the bagel and then cut a small oval off the bottom of one side. Place on the mini bagel. Use the salami scraps to fashion feathers and place under the slice of salami and sticking out of the top of the sandwich. A cheddar beak is added, and fresh mozzarella is cut into tiny rounds for the eyes. A single black olive slice is used for both the angry eyebrows and the pupils in the eyes. Add a bit of shredded “grass” and we’re good to pack in a lunch box or serve at the table.

Have you ever played Angry Birds? Are you obsessed? Are your grown adult neighbors comparing their Angry Birds scores at neighborhood gatherings? Because over here the answers are: yes, no and most definitely yes, they are.

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