Animal Snacks Kids Will Eat Right Up

My kids are decent snackers. They’ll let me know when they’re hungry, and are always open to a few classic, healthy snacks. It’s all good and such. But sometimes, I get this strange sense that I’ve settled into the blase as a mother and really need to amp up the fun ¬†factor around our food table. Enter these adorable animal-themed snacks. Making fun food doesn’t have to take a long time, and it doesn’t have to mean yards and pounds of butter and sugar. Here are some of adorable food creatures you’re kids will love snacking on (that you’ll love to see them noshing all over!)

  • Watermelon Hedgehog 1 of 6
    Watermelon Hedgehog
    This whimsical Watermelon Hedgehog makes an ideal addition to any end-of-summer picnic, afterschool snack table, or kids party menu!
    Get the recipe for Watermelon Hedgehog
  • Cucumber Snakes 2 of 6
    Cucumber Snakes
    Cucumber Snakes make a perfectly adorable, simple snack that helps you get kids to eat their veggies without even trying!
    Get our recipe for Cucumber Snakes
  • Squirmy Wormy Apples 3 of 6
    Squirmy Wormy Apples
    Squirmy Wormy Apples are the perfect way to welcome your kids home from school! Healthy with just a touch of sugar, this fun little snack makes a mom-approved treat that kids can't get enough of!
    Get the recipe for Squirmy Wormy Apples
  • Bunny Bites 4 of 6
    Bunny Bites
    Show your little bunny how much you love them with these cute bunny snacks. Sometimes cupcakes are just thatmuch cuter when they look like an adorable animal!
    Get the recipe for 7 Bunny Treats
  • More Adorable Food Animals 5 of 6
    More Adorable Food Animals
    Get even more fun, fantastical snack ideas from our Adorable Food Animal Slideshow!
    Check it out now! 6 More Adorable Food Animals
  • Goldfish Sandwiches 6 of 6
    Goldfish Sandwiches
    Back to School Goldfish Sandwiches take the shape of every kids favorite cracker and turns it into a delicious little sandwich!
    Get the recipe for Goldfish Sandwiches

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