Best Apple Sauce Ever: Just Apples

apple sauceLast week we shared our family tradition of apple picking and asked readers to share their stories of family food traditions for a chance to win a copy Anna Getty’s Easy Green Organic. The contest ends at midnight tonight. Apple sauce is part of our family food tradition, what’s yours?

There are things you make from scratch that save you a little money, but you can’t really taste the difference. Then there are things that you make that are so incredibly good compared to the store-bought version that you can’t really believe they’re supposed to be the same thing. Apple sauce is the one of the latter.

If you use good apples, homemade apple sauce has a much more intense flavor that store-bought. And here’s the kicker–you hardly have to do anything. In fact, I hesitate to call our apple sauce recipe a recipe, because there’s only one ingredient–apples.

I now use a food mill for my apple sauce, but a few whizzes in a blender or food processor will be fine too. We preserve our apple sauce in the freezer, and I find the technique to be a really simple way to enjoy homemade apple sauce flavor throughout the chilly months.

Homemade Apple Sauce
(8lbs. of apples yields about 3 quarts of sauce)

As many apples as you have (in my case about 8lbs.)

Heat the largest pot pot you have over medium heat. Because my daughter is very texture sensitive I core my apples, but it’s best to leave the cores in since they are a great source of natural pectin. So, either cored or not, throw the halved apples (skin on) into the pot and cook. Stir the apples occasionally making sure not to burn. When everything is cooked through and soft, but still has a bit of texture, remove from heat and cool. Once the mixture has cooled, run through the medium gauge on a food mill, or give everything a few pulses in the blender of food processor. I like to leave a bit of texture to my apple sauce, but taste as you go since that’s a personal choice. Then carefully spoon into clean jar, wipe the rim, and seal. Be sure the apple sauce is below the freeze line and freeze right away.

When you’re ready to eat it, simply thaw and serve.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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