Fancify Your Grilled Cheese with Apricot and Brie

apricot brie grilled cheese sandwich recipe
Image Source: Jane Maynard

April is all about grilled cheese. Not only is April 12 National Grilled Cheese Day, but all of April is also National Grilled Cheese Month! It’s safe to say we know at least two things about the person who determines random food holidays (I think it’s the Wizard of Oz, by the way). First, this person really loves grilled cheese. Second, this person is a genius.

Of course we have a day and a month dedicated to grilled cheese — this humble sandwich is the best! It doesn’t get much better than buttery bread surrounding melty cheese. A good grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food but with very little work, and the flavor possibilities are pretty much endless. As much as I love a classic grilled cheese (yes, it involves American cheese), the blank canvas that is a grilled cheese can evolve into so much more. This month we’re going to get a little gourmet with our grilled cheese using brie and seasonal apricots.

apricot brie grilled cheese sandwich recipe
Image Source: Jane Maynard

One of my favorite appetizers is brie baked in a pastry with apricots. I lose all self control when that stuff is around! I decided to use this delicious dish as inspiration for an easy-to-eat grilled cheese sandwich. The result was mahvelous, dahling.

The super fancy, super delicious Apricot Brie Grilled Cheese is beyond easy to throw together. Get ready to impress everyone with your mad grilled cheese skills with (almost) no work at all!

apricot brie grilled cheese sandwich recipe
Image Source: Jane Maynard

Apricot Brie Grilled Cheese

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 5 minutes

Makes: 1 sandwich

2 slices crusty, artisan bread
1 tablespoon apricot jam
2-4 medium-thin slices brie cheese (enough to cover the surface of your bread)
1/2 fresh or jarred apricot, pitted and sliced

1. Heat a frying pan on the stove over medium heat.
2. Spread apricot jam on one piece of bread. Add a layer of sliced brie on top of the jam, then add a few apricot slices. Top with another slice of bread, then generously butter the top of the sandwich.
3. Place the sandwich butter side down in the pan. Butter the new top side of the sandwich while the first side cooks.
4. Cook until sandwich is golden brown and brie is melting, flipping to cook both sides.

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