April Fools’ Day Fried Rice Cupcakes

april-fools-day-cupcakeApril Fools’ Day. My oldest daughter turns 11 today. Can you imagine the prank people thought was going on when she arrived 12 days early and in the early hours of April Fools’ Day? Quite the office prank to call and let them know I wouldn’t be coming in that day.

Seeing as how we have the ultimate jokester in the family, there is no shortage of pranks and tricks in our house, and of course, most of them involve food, like this April Fools’ Day fried rice. These cupcakes are ready and packed in lunchboxes for the big day tomorrow along with their meatloaf and mashed potato counterparts.

April Fools’ Day Fried Rice Cupcakes

12 Cupcakes
1/2 cup toasted rice cereal
6 orange Starburst candies
36 green Skittles

Frost the cupcakes and then dip fresh frosting into the toasted rice cereal to cover. Cut each Starburst into 6 rectangle pieces. Place 3 Starburst “carrots” and 3 Skittles “peas” on each cupcake, attaching with extra buttercream. Add extra rice cereal to fill in any spots.

Serve in rice bowls or takeout containers with chopsticks for an extra touch.

Makes 12 “fried rice” cupcakes.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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