Artichokes: How to Serve the Green Flower Veggie to Your Kids

Artichokes are my daughter’s favorite veggie of all. Think about it from a kid’s perspective: it’s a giant, green flower that you can eat with your hands.  And you get to dip those lovely, curvy ‘petals’ into something tasty like butter or lemon or a combination of both. And don’t worry about those sharp, prickly parts. Keep reading for the perfectly cooked and kid safe artichoke that anyone can prepare…

  • Frost Kiss Artichoke 1 of 12
    Frost Kiss Artichoke
    See that brown stuff that looks like dirt and peeling skin? That means you have a tasty choke on your hands and it's perfectly good.
  • Trim the Stem 2 of 12
    Trim the Stem
    I like to trim the stem down to about 1 inch. If you leave it longer, it can be stringy and hard for little ones to eat.
  • Slice off the Top 3 of 12
    Slice off the Top
    There's no need for the top and all those thorns, so just cut it off.
  • Cut off the Thorns 4 of 12
    Cut off the Thorns
    Use kitchen shears to cut the tip of each leaf.
  • Slice the Artichoke in Half 5 of 12
    Slice the Artichoke in Half
    Slice on the vertical.
  • The Choke of the Artichoke 6 of 12
    The Choke of the Artichoke
    Leave it in for now as it's really tough to remove raw. Once cooked it scoops right out.
  • Wash the Cut-in-half Artichokes 7 of 12
    Wash the Cut-in-half Artichokes
    Making sure to get between the leaves.
  • Ready to Steam 8 of 12
    Ready to Steam
    Place the halves inside down onto a steamer basket, cover and steam for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Checking for Doneness 9 of 12
    Checking for Doneness
    Use tongs to lift one of the artichokes and poke with a fork. It should be soft.
  • Scooping The Choke 10 of 12
    Scooping The Choke
    Once the artichoke is cooked the choke scoops out quick and easy.
  • Cold Rinse 11 of 12
    Cold Rinse
    If your kids are like mine, they have no patience and want the artichoke ASAP. Fresh out of the steamer they are so hot, so I give them a cold rinse making sure to get between all the leaves.
  • Kid Approved 12 of 12
    Kid Approved
    My kid cannot get enough artichokes. She would eat them every night if she could.

2 to 3 frost kissed or regular artichokes

steamer basket

large pot

Place steamer basket in bottom of pot and fill with water up to the bottom of the steamer. Follow the slideshow for a step by step guide. Trim the stem down to 1 inch, cut the top off and use kitchen sheers to trim the tip of each leaf. Now cut the artichoke in half on the vertical from stem to tip and rinse well under water, making sure to get between all the leaves. Place cut side down in the steamer basket, cover and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. To check for doneness insert fork to feel for softness. For kids, you don’t want the artichoke to be al dente. Quickly rinse under cold water and scoop out the choke before serving to the kids. Serve on a plate with their favorite dipping sauce. My kid loves lemon butter.

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