Avoiding Pink Slime: List of Grocers Who Use it and Those Who Don't


According to the popular iPad internet news website, The Daily, more supermarkets are now refusing to sell the ammonia treated beef product made famous by an ABC News story a few weeks ago. Since that story aired, it has also been reported that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has been buying the slime for use in school lunches. Parents have been outraged at the idea of this product being used in their children’s food yet the government insists it is safe and continues to purchase the “lean beef trimmings.” So how do you know what grocery stores are carrying the “slimed” ground beef?

The following graph on The Daily’s exclusive story illustrates which big supermarket retailers sell the beef that contains the pink filler. This list will probably continue to change as more stores stop carrying the slime. But if you’d like to avoid buying beef that uses the filler, this is a good start. The best way to make sure your local grocer (or neighborhood school) doesn’t use it is to ask!

Photo Credit: Tom Treick/EPA via The Daily

Update 3/23/12: Safeway announced that due to consumer pressure, they will no longer purchase or sell the beef with lean beef trimmings or “pink slime.”


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