Baby Gaga Breast Milk Ice Cream: What Is It and How You Can Make It

breast milk ice cream baby gagaA  London ice cream shop plans to offer breast milk ice cream called Baby Gaga this weekend for the whopping price of £14 (about $23). In addition to breast milk, it includes vanilla and lemon zest. In case you’re wondering, the milk was donated by local mothers who answered an ad (Brooklyn Supper suggests that if you have extra breast milk, you donate it to a milk bank, but of course it’s yours to do with what you want.). If you have your heart set on breast milk ice cream and don’t live in London or have that kind of money to spend on ice cream, you’re probably wondering: Do you have a breast milk recipe? Well, as it happens. . .

No, we do not. Honestly the idea never even occurred to us. However, we do make a lot of ice cream and we have a recipe that we suspect would work pretty well. I am not sure how much of the essential nutrients and vitamins in breast milk would survive the warming, sweetening, and freezing process, so breast milk ice cream is a less than ideal conveyance method. However, I think an approach similar to buttermilk ice cream would work well. That is, heating the cream and sugar together, then tempering the eggs, letting the mixture cool slightly, and then adding the breast milk so that it isn’t cooked. Please keep in mind, though, that sharing breast milk is relatively controversial. It isn’t pasteurized and can contain traces of drugs, the HIV virus, and the possibility of other diseases. This is why breast milk from a milk bank is screened.

Click here for our excellent recipe and simply sub breast for buttermilk. I would also recommend reducing the sugar since breast milk is much sweeter than cow milk.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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