Back to School: 8 Brain-Boosting Foods Your Kids Can Eat for Breakfast

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It’s that time of year again. Summer is over and schools all across the country are about to start their fall semesters. Gone are the lazy summer mornings where kids (and parents!) could sleep in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast. My son started school this week so we are back to getting up early enough for him to eat a healthy breakfast before school. My son is a slow eater… especially when he’s still sleepy. This means our alarm is set very early so we don’t run out of time for him to get the nutritious breakfast he needs to stay energized and mentally sharp for school.

Like any mom, I want to make sure I’m giving him the right foods in the morning. According to NPR, a better breakfast can boost a child’s brainpower. So we shy away from sugary cereals, pastries and pancakes. Those are reserved for special treats and weekends. Instead we make sure there is a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables. It isn’t always easy and sometimes there are morning battles. But overall, we’ve established some good habits we hope to continue throughout our son’s school career.

But are we giving him the best possible breakfast foods? We did some research and according to many scientific studies and interesting articles there are certain foods that will help your child stay alert and boost his brain power during school. To see 8 of the best brain-boosting foods you should be including in your child’s breakfast, simply check out the following slideshow:

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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