Bacon Caramel Apples

Why yes, these are caramel apples topped with bacon. Just when you thought Halloween treats couldn’t be improved upon – I give you the bacon caramel apple! Bacon and caramel is a delicious combination, as is bacon and apples – so why not douse chewy candy apples with chunks of crisp, salty bacon? It doesn’t get much better than this – the perfect balance of crisp, chewy, crunchy, salty and sweet – and easy to make, so anyone can be a Halloween hero.

This is the easy method, starting with wrapped caramels – if you want to make the caramel from scratch, you’ll find a great recipe here. Cooking the bacon and then using a spoonful of drippings in the caramel adds another dimension of bacony goodness.

I set all of mine down on a single piece of parchment, then cut rough squares around the bases with a knife once they cooled.

Bacon Caramel Apples

This recipe can be easily doubled or tripled for a crowd – if the caramel cools as you’re dipping the apples, gently rewarm it, adding a little more water if needed.

6 small apples
3-4 slices bacon
1 bag (11 oz.) caramels, unwrapped
3 Tbsp. water

Wash and dry the apples well, and insert a wood or paper stick into the stem end of each.

Chop the bacon and cook it until crisp; remove with a slotted spoon to drain on paper towels, then crumble or roughly chop. Reserve 1 Tbsp. of the drippings and pour it into a small saucepan with the caramels and cream or water. Cook over medium-low heat until completely melted and smooth.

Dip the apples into the caramel, turning to coat completely, then allow excess caramel to drip off and set on a parchment-lined sheet. Sprinkle with bacon while the caramel is still soft, then let set. Makes 6 caramel apples – recipe can be easily doubled or tripled.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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