Bakerella's Coolest Halloween Cake Pop & Cupcake Designs!

Bakerella Halloween Cake Pops

If you haven’t jumped on the Bakerella Cake Pop wagon you are missing out! Angie, aka Bakerella, is renowned for her totally awesome cake pop designs, many of which are included in her fab cookbook, Cake Pops, and on her website. I asked Angie if I could showcase some of her awesome Halloween creations to share with all of you and I am so glad she agreed. I am not the craftiest person, but her cake pop and cupcakes designs are SO inspiring. They make me want to pick up a big bag of flour and get a move on with make some crafty Halloween treats. Here are some of her absolute best Halloween cake pop and cupcake designs. Can you believe she actually uses Trix cereal in one of her treats? No joke! Get inspired!

  • Batty Cake Pops 1 of 15
    These wonderful purple bats are creepy without being over the top, perfect for a Halloween party!
    Make Batty Cake Pops
  • Kitty Kat Cupcakes 2 of 15
    These decadent cupcakes are easily the only black cats you'll want scampering into your house this Halloween!
    Make Kitty Kat Cupcakes
  • Spider Cake Pops 3 of 15
    Eww! These are not the things to keep around if you have arachnophobia - they are way too real looking!
    Make Spider Cake Pops
  • Frankenstein Cake Pops 4 of 15
    It just wouldn't be Halloween without Frankestein. These cake pops make cute - even lovable!
    Make Frankestein Cake Pops
  • Spider Trix Cookies 5 of 15
    Check out these awesome spider web cookies. Can you see that the spiders are made from Trix? Yes, Trix Cereal! Brilliant
    Make Spider Trix Cookies
  • Creepy Monster Cake Pops 6 of 15
    There is nothing like a purple monster to creep out your guests. I love how this technique is so fun, see how crooked and gross you can make each face!
    Make Monster Cake Pops
  • 2916782833_0b411b22d3 7 of 15
    They may not taste like candy corn, but their festive colors and playful name make these whoopie pies Halloween appropriate!
    Make Candy Corn Whoopie Pies
  • Ghostly Cake Pops 8 of 15
    Boo! Scared yet? These ghoulish pops are just the thing to give your guests the shivers!
    Make Ghostly Cake Pops
  • SCREAM cake pops! 9 of 15
    There is nothing quite like these horror-movie inspired masks. I get the willies just looking at them!
    Make SCREAM Cake Pops
  • Jack-o-Lantern Cake Pops 10 of 15
    They may not taste like candy corn, but their festive colors and playful name make these whoopie pies Halloween appropriate!
    Make Candy Corn Whoopie Pies
  • Black Cat Cake Pops 11 of 15
    Meow! Don't let one of these black cats cross your path after dark!
    Make Black Cat Cake Pops
  • Werewolf Cake Pops 12 of 15
    Grr! Hang a full moon on the wall and make your werewolf cake pops come out to play!
    Make Werewolf Cake Pops
  • Mummy Cake Pops 13 of 15
    Mummies! How wonderfully scary this are, and fun to make with kids!
    Make Mummy Cake Pops
  • Spider Brownie Bites! 14 of 15
    Brownie bites take a freaky turn when dressed up as spiders. Bite into them before they bite you!
    Make Spider Brownie Bites
  • Halloween Cupcakes 15 of 15
    I love this gorgeous array of crafty cupcakes. An assortment like this would be the hit of any Halloween party!
    Make Candy Halloween Cupcakes

All photos copyright Bakerella. Used with permission.

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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