Banana Hot Dogs

This Fourth of July holiday week, you are bound to have a stack of hot dog buns on hand. But you may find that some kids just don’t always want a traditional savory hot dog, veggie dog or whatever the grown-ups are serving as feasting fare. So instead of serving up a side of PB&J sandwiches for the “kids” or picky eaters big and small – let them embrace the fun of a summer hot dog via this kid-friendly recipe. My Banana Hot Dogs can be served a variety of ways…

..These banana dogs can be served purely ‘healthy’ style by using a banana, nut butter, maybe a whole grain bun and even a few healthy toppings like additional fresh fruit, fruit jam, oats, seeds and more. Or you can give these dogs a sweet twist by adding some “banana split” style toppings. I added some fluffy soy whipped cream and vegan chocolate sauce.

Serve these kid-approved dogs at your holiday BBQ and you may be surprised who falls in love with them. Kids, parents, picky teens and more. This recipe is also a fun beach day picnic sandwich – or serve for a fun “BBQ” style breakfast.

Grill it! Want to add a true “grilled” accent to this recipe? Grill your banana before adding it to the bun!

..because it is just kind fun to eat a big banana out of a hot dog bun.

Banana Hot Dogs (base recipe)

1 bun
1 banana, peeled (split in half if too large for tiny mouths)
1 Tbsp nut butter (peanut, almond or sunflower butter will work)
toppings: fruit, nuts, oats, seeds, sweet toppings – and if you are really adventurous – try some chopped spinach on top! It tastes surprisingly yummy with pb and banana!)


1. Lightly toast bun.
2. Add a slather of nut butter and additional spreadable toppings like jam.
3. Add fruit.
4. Top with toppings.

Slice and serve.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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