Bar None! Our 25 Best Baked Bar Cookies

Cookies are not always round. In fact, just as many cookies come in bar shapes as they do circles. I happen to love serving bar cookies because they look a little neater and are always easy to eat. Plus, if you want to serve them for a fancy meal you can just cut them into smaller pieces and dust them with confectioners’ sugar to make them look extra fancy! There are almost an infinite number of bar cookies that can be made at home. Here are twenty five of our absolute favorite for indulging!

  • Our Best Baked Bar Cookies! 1 of 28
    Our most delicious baked bar cookies ever!
  • Our 25 Best Baked Bar Cookies 2 of 28
    Twenty five of the most delicious baked bar cookies ever!
  • Oreo Mint Bars 3 of 28
    These delicious minty squares are decadent to boot and are perfect for St. Patrick's Day!
    Make Oreo mint bars
    Photo: Kelsey Banfield
  • Peanut Butter Jelly Bars 4 of 28
    These awesome peanut butter jelly bars are like the best sandwich made into a sweet treat. Can you guess the secret ingredients?
    Make peanut butter jelly bars
    Photo: Kathy Patalsky
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry Primal Cookie Bars 5 of 28
    These amazing cookie bars are the best for snacking, sending to school, or for indulging with your kids!
    Make dark chocolate cherry primal cookie bars
    Photo: Brooke McLay
  • Oreo Nutella Stuffed Brownies 6 of 28
    These brownies are so good they should be illegal! You'll love the secret surprise inside - an Oreo!
    Make Nutella Oreo stuffed brownies
    Photo: Nicole Presley
  • Better Than Crack Brownies 7 of 28
    If you are going to make brownies you may as well make these. They are more addictive than you know what!
    Make better than crack brownies
    Photo: Brooke McLay
  • Black Bean Brownies 8 of 28
    These amazing black bean brownies are rich and chocolatey and perfectly gluten-free!
    Make black bean brownies
    Photo: Julie VR
  • Broccoli Brownies 9 of 28
    Why not bake bars that are your best sneaky snacks like these awesome broccoli brownies. Enjoy your vegetables with dessert!
    Make broccoli brownies
    Photo: Julie VR
  • Figgy Brownies 10 of 28
    Fruity fig gives these brownies a terrific sweet flavor. It is like a Fig Newton and brownie combined!
    Make figgy brownies
    Photo: Paula Jones
  • Mississippi Mud Brownies 11 of 28
    Chocolate bars go over the top with these awesome mud brownies. Prepare for all out decadence in each and every bite!
    Make Mississippi mud brownies
    Photo: Paula Jones
  • Nutella Swirl Brownies 12 of 28
    These amazing brownies are swirled with Nutella for a nutty chocolate kick!
    Make Nutella swirl brownies
    Photo: Julie VR
  • Zucchini Brownies 13 of 28
    These awesome brownies are made richer and moister with the addition of shredded zucchini and some chocolate chips.
    Make zucchini brownies
    Photo: Julie VR
  • Quinoa Brownies 14 of 28
    Quinoa flour makes these brownies gluten-free. However, they still retain their amazing chocolatey flavor!
    Make quinoa brownies
    Photo: Julie VR
  • Red Velvet Cheesecake Bars 15 of 28
    These amazing red velvet cheesecake bars are decadent to boot. Serve them up to your sweetheart with a kiss!
    Make red velvet cheesecake bars
    Photo: Paula Jones
  • Guinness Brownies 16 of 28
    Thick Guinness gives these brownies a rich creamy undertone. The malty flavor makes them perfect for serving on St. Patrick's Day!
    Make Guinness brownies
    Photo: Kelsey Banfield
  • Almond Joy Bars 17 of 28
    These amazing baked bars taste exactly like Almond Joys. What is better than a baked bar that tastes like a candy bar!
    Make Almond Joy bars/a>
    Photo: Paula Jones
  • 2dbed19bed5ff0d59a1bf44677d8c8cb 18 of 28
  • Lemon Bars 19 of 28
  • Magic Bars 20 of 28
    Classic magic bars are always a hit. Make these over the top treats for your kids after school!
    Make magic bars
    Photo: Jaime
  • Nutella Blondies 21 of 28
    These awesome nutella blondies are the best of the both worlds - buttery blondies with chocolatey nutella!
    Make Nutella blondies
    Photo: Kelsey Banfield
  • Pecan Blondies 22 of 28
    These delicious blondies contain crunchy pecans and a deep buttery flavor.
    Make pecan blondies
    Photo: Laura Levy
  • Lemon Thyme Shortbread 23 of 28
    This amazing shortbread features the fabulous flavors of lemon and thyme. They make the perfect spring gift for a friend!
    Make lemon thyme shortbread
    Photo: Laura Levy
  • Key Lime Bars 24 of 28
    These awesome key lime bars are perfectly bright and citrusy. You will love the lime flavor this spring!
    Make key lime bars
    Photo: Paula Jones
  • Tangerine Lime Bars 25 of 28
    Tangerine lime bars are a fresh twist on classic citrus bars. The sophisticated twist is perfect for adults and would be perfect for Easter brunch.
    Make tangerine lime bars
    Photo: Brooklyn Supper
  • Shortbread with Salted Ale Caramel 26 of 28
    We can't guarantee these will make you rich, but they will make you happy!
    Make millionaire shortbread with salted ale caramel
    Photo: Shaina Olmanson
  • Toffee Millionaires 27 of 28
    Millionaires get a toffee twist in this fresh taste on millionaire shortbread.They are perfect for the holidays or for any special occasion.
    Make toffee millionaires
    Photo: Kelsey Banfield
  • Pecan Pie Bars 28 of 28
    Everyone loves pecan pie. But why not make a new version and serve them up as bars!
    Make pecan pie bars
    Photo: Jaime

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