Barbecue Chicken Flatbreads {2 ways}

Remember that shredded barbecue chicken I shared with you the other day? Well, here’s a great way to use up any leftovers from it (or plan for next time you make it).

Flatbread pizzas are probably one of my most frequent go-to meals, especially on busy weeknights. They are always a family-pleaser, and can be made differently each time you prepare them. These particular flatbreads were created after I pulled some leftover shredded barbecue chicken from the freezer as well as some veggies out of the overflowing produce drawer.

Each flatbread can be customized to your liking…for instance my kids don’t really do “heavy” veggie pizzas like I do. So on their pizzas I like to spread out the thinly sliced veggies and throw on a little extra cheese. Less complaints that way. And for anyone in the family that is vegetarian or isn’t a fan of chicken, you can easily substitute their favorite meatless chicken patty and add some additional barbecue sauce.

A quick effortless dinner using leftovers, and happy bellies. That’s a win-win in any mom’s book…

Barbecue Chicken Flatbreads

your favorite flatbreads (I always have Flatouts on hand)
leftover shredded barbecue chicken
shredded cheddar cheese
thin sliced red onion
thin sliced red bell pepper
thin sliced jalapeno, optional
thin sliced green onions

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place flat bread on baking sheet or pizza stone and cook (with no toppings) for about 2 minutes, just long enough for flatbread to slightly crisp up.

Take flatbreads out of oven. Spread shredded barbecue chicken on each flat bread. Top with shredded cheese and vegetables then place back into oven. Cook for about 10 minutes or until cheese is melted.

For a meatless version:
Instead of shredded barbecue chicken, warm up your favorite “chicken” patty (I love Morningstar patties) and cut in pieces. Spread barbecue sauce on flatbread, then top with “chicken” pieces, cheese and veggies. Cook same way as written above.

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