Barbecue Recipes Across the U.S.


  • Carolina BBQ 1 of 11

    Classic Carolina BBQ favorites include slow-roasted pulled pork served with a tangy, vinegar-based sauce and coleslaw. Paired with 3-day cole slaw, these easy, breezy pulled-pork sandwiches will have you almost sure you're in Charleston.
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  • Memphis BBQ 2 of 11
    Memphis BBQ
    Memphis BBQ is known for pork ribs seasoned with a dry rub, smoked, and served with a sweet BBQ sauce and a side of sweet coleslaw (like this nutritious broccoli slaw). These root beer-braised ribs give a fantastic tip of the chef's hat to classic Memphis BBQ. Give ’em a shot, then go ahead and sing "Rocky Top" with your mouth full!
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  • Kansas City BBQ 3 of 11
    Kansas City BBQ
    KC BBQ is big on beef seasoned with a rub or marinade, smoked, sliced, and served with the sauce on the side. Traditional Kansas City BBQ sauce is tomato-based with a sweet and spicy flavor. For Kansas City-sized flavor make this homemade BBQ sauce with tomato paste, molasses, brown sugar, and a touch of cayenne for heat. You'll never go back to the bottle again.
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  • Texas BBQ 4 of 11
    Texas BBQ
    While quintessential Texas BBQ includes a smoked beef brisket cooked with oak or pecan chips, this recipe for baby back ribs with cola BBQ sauce fits the Texas bill nicely. One bite of these sticky, sweet, and tangy ribs will have you yelling yee-haw! Serve up with a side of
    homemade deep-fried pickles.
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  • Southwest BBQ 5 of 11
    Southwest BBQ
    Give pulled pork some smoky, spicy, Mexican flare for a taste of the Southwest right in your backyard. These chipotle citrus pulled-pork sandwiches are a tasty twist on tradition. Tart citrus and chipotle peppers with a hint of bite take classic BBQ to new, sun-kissed Southwest heights. Serve with frosty margaritas and a big bowl of chips and guac. Olé!
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  • Colorado BBQ 6 of 11
    Colorado BBQ
    Maybe you don't automatically think "BBQ" when you think about Colorado, but this delicious recipe for grass-fed bison steak might just be your new go-to summer BBQ staple. Bison is flavorful and lean, a nice break from ho-hum beef. Go ahead and give it a try!
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  • New York BBQ 7 of 11
    New York BBQ
    Grilled Italian sausages are always a crowd-pleaser, and no one does Italian like New York. These sausage kebabs are a fantastic way to serve up BBQ New York-style. The best part? This sausage is served on a stick. And who doesn't love food on a stick? Start spreading the news ...
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  • Nebraska BBQ 8 of 11
    Nebraska BBQ
    Nebraska (home to Omaha Steaks) is known for its quality beef. So if sticky BBQ sauce and pork aren't your thing, how about a perfect, juicy, grilled steak? This gorgeous Porterhouse with whiskey mushroom sauce is the perfect balance of traditional steakhouse flavors — certainly worthy of such a prime cut of beef.
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  • California BBQ 9 of 11
    California BBQ
    California makes its own rules and has its own distinct flavors and tastes. And because vegetarians were practically invented in California, this delicious BBQ tofu with homemade sauce is the perfect answer to California BBQ. Paired with a crisp glass of wine or grilled up on the beach, this tofu recipe is a delicious way to grill and still be bikini (okay, tankini) ready.
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  • Hawaii BBQ 10 of 11
    Hawaii BBQ
    Leave roasting a whole pig to the guys at the luau. These teriyaki burgers with grilled pineapple have all the flavors of Hawaii, and everyone will love wrapping their hands and mouths around this savory-sweet combo. Grass skirt optional.
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  • Florida BBQ 11 of 11
    Florida BBQ
    Crisp and refreshing, a mojito reminds us of a soft Florida beach breeze. Pop these mojito pork chops on the grill to represent the Sunshine State. And go ahead and sip on an actual mojito while you cook. It's only fair.
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