BBQ season is just around the corner. I can already smell the grill cooking up summertime hot dogs and other good stuff. I’m currently obsessed with gourmet hot dogs and Macki’s test kitchen (my little home cook set up with the kids) is in full force recipe trials. First up, the BBQ Dog!

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    BBQ Dog

    Get your gourmet dog on this summer with this BBQ hot dog recipe.

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    The secret to awesome dogs. It's so easy and fast, check out this quick how-to video. For my sons Birthday party hot dog bar I sliced 50 hot dogs in less than an hour. That's about 1 minute per dog.

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    This is what the spiral cut dogs look like before they are cooked.

  • Cooked Spiral Dogs 4 of 7

    Check it out! They spread out and plump up. Add your BBQ sauce.

  • Bun Time 5 of 7

    Toast or grill your sweet hawaiian hot dog bun or double roll and slather with sauce.

  • Dog Time 6 of 7

    Add your cooked spiral hot dog.

  • Slaw Time 7 of 7

    Cover with cole slaw. For added goodness you can put on a layer of baked beans before the slaw. Get ready for the stampede!

BBQ Dog Recipe

Get your favorite hot dogs – I like all natural, uncured, no nitrites or nitrates added. You can find them in most stores and even some farmer’s markets.

Your favorite BBQ sauce

Sweet Hawaiian hot dog buns or rolls (Yes, they make hot dog buns. If you opt for rolls, just make sure to keep two together for a bun)

Cole slaw – either homemade or store bought

Fire up the grill to medium. Skewer and slice your dogs (check out the slideshow above, there’s a how to video!). Grill your dogs for a couple of minutes, then turn and keep turning until they begin to caramel. Brush on a layer of BBQ sauce and cook until caramel-crisp. When done, remove and set on a plate. Meanwhile toast the buns and slather with BBQ sauce. Place a cooked dog into the bun and cover with cole slaw. Serve with baked beans or even add a layer of baked beans before the cole slaw. Done and so easy!

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