27 Healthy Grilling Recipes for Labor Day

  • 27 Healthy Grilling Recipes for Labor Day 1 of 28
    Turkey burgers, fish tacos, and more!
  • Marinated Grilled Vegetables 2 of 28
    These colorful skewers are easy, healthy, and beyond delicious — what's not to love? The honey mustard and soy sauce marinade makes bland veggies instantly flavorful.
    Make marinated grilled vegetables
  • Lamb Chop Lollipops 3 of 28
    If you're planning an end-of-summer party or barbecue, make sure you add these lamb chop lollipops to your menu. They're tender, juicy, and positively fuss-free to eat!
    Make lamb chop lollipops
  • Portabella Caprese Skewers 4 of 28
    This elegant, grilled twist on the caprese salad makes for a healthy barbecue starter both vegetarians and carnivores will love.
    Make portabella rosemary caprese skewers
  • Prosciutto-Wrapped Grilled Plums with Rosemary 5 of 28
    Although plums may not be the first thing you'’d think to throw on the grill, this light and fresh recipe turns them into just the right appetizer for an all-night summer party.
    Make prosciutto-wrapped grilled plums
  • Grilled Sweet Potato Salad 6 of 28
    Sweet potatoes are nutrient-packed powerhouses, stacked with vitamins A, C and beta-carotene. If your kids or partner typically balk at this sweet orange veggie, see how they like it when thrown on the grill and mixed into this irresistible salad.
    Make grilled sweet potato salad
  • Elote Mexican Corn 7 of 28
    Elote, a spicy, Mexican version of corn on the cob, gives this barbecue staple a bit of a kick. Typically you’'d slather on butter and mayo before covering the corn in spices, but this version uses healthier substitutes.
    Make elote Mexican corn
    Photo credit: Kathy Patalsky
  • Veggie Packets on the Grill 8 of 28
    If you feel like you never get enough vegetables into your grilling nights, this is a simple and flavorful way to make sure you do! Because these “packets” trap steam, the veggies in them will cook evenly while retaining their nutrients.
    Make veggie packets on the grill
  • Smoked Barbecue Beans 9 of 28
    This recipe requires a little more effort than just cracking open a can of baked beans, but it packs much less sugar than the stuff you'’d buy at the store.
    Make smoked barbecue beans
  • Grilled Swordfish 10 of 28
    If deciding on the BBQ menu is a duel between eating healthy and eating hearty,put down your sword … and pick up some swordfish, which is a great alternative to steak.
    Make grilled swordfish
  • Ultimate Turkey Burgers 11 of 28
    Even if your partner is a die-hard beef fanatic, these burgers are so moist and flavorful, you'’ll be able to sneak them on your dinner table. Made with mushrooms, black beans, and turkey, these patties are a great source of protein to keep you charged up through Labor Day weekend!
    Make turkey and black bean burgers
  • Hot Dogs Gone Smart 12 of 28
    For a healthier way to enjoy a classic chili-cheese dog, try nitrate- and MSG-free vegan “smart dogs.” Once all the tasty (vegan) toppings are piled on, your kids won’'t know the difference!
    Make hot dogs gone smart
    Photo credit: Kathy Patalsky
  • White Bean Veggie Burgers 13 of 28
    These hand-mashed white bean burgers are a meatless BBQ alternative that will please kids'’ palates and get them the nutrients they need.
    Make white bean veggie burgers
    Photo credit: Kathy Patalsky
  • Marinated Grilled Tofu 14 of 28
    Protein-packed tofu is actually perfect for barbecuing, as it easily absorbs your marinade of choice. You can even give it a nice, crispy crust on the grill!
    Make marinated grilled tofu
  • Grilled Fish Tacos with Chipotle Mayonnaise 15 of 28
    Fish tacos are a summer staple, and this recipe puts a healthy twist on them by grilling the fish instead of deep-frying it. Stick with mahi mahi or grouper for the best results from the grill — and don’'t forget the tangy chipotle mayo!
    Make grilled fish tacos
  • Lemon Grilled Chicken 16 of 28
    Lemon chicken on the grill is a crowd-pleasing classic everyone should know how to make. The best part? Each piece is under 100 calories!
    Make lemon grilled chicken
  • Chicken Satay 17 of 28
    This satay is a fun way to grill chicken that will interest picky eaters — food you can eat right off the stick is always more fun! And the lean chicken breast and peanut sauce combo will give your diet a tasty protein boost.
    Make chicken satay
  • Lemon Dill Grilled Salmon 18 of 28
    Keep it simple with this brightly flavored salmon recipe, which we bet kids will love just as much as parents.
    Make lemon dill grilled salmon
  • Salmon Burgers with Dill Tartar Sauce 19 of 28
    Burgers don'’t have to be a guilty-pleasure junk food, as shown by this fresh salmon burger with dill tartar sauce! This sandwich tastes so good, it gives the illusion of eating “badly” while staying healthy.
    Make salmon burgers with dill tartar sauce
  • Grilled Vegetables and Chicken with Tortellini 20 of 28
    For a fresh, filling, summer-friendly pasta dish, throw some tortellini on the stove and grill the rest of the meal — veggies, corn, chicken, and all — outside (while you still can!).
    Make grilled vegetables and chicken with tortellini
  • Grilled Chicken Sausage and Pepper Pita Sandwiches 21 of 28
    Chicken sausage and fresh, grilled veggies make for a less-greasy version of this classic comfort food.
    Make grilled chicken sausage and pepper pita sandwiches
  • Grilled Chicken with Peach Adobo Sauce 22 of 28
    Traditional grilled chicken is healthy but can get boring fast. This sweet and spicy version, which takes advantage of seasonal peaches, is perfect for late summer.
    Make grilled chicken with peach adobo sauce
  • Marinated Ginger Garlic Shrimp 23 of 28
    Preparing a healthy meal on the grill doesn't have to eat up a lot of time. This sizzling shrimp recipe is light and fast.
    Make ginger garlic shrimp
  • Asian Chicken Burger with Light Sriracha Mayo 24 of 28
    This tasty burger only seems decadent. Lean ground chicken and light mayo make this patty a satisfying alternative to its heavier (and fattier) beef counterparts.
    Make Asian chicken burger with light sriracha mayo
  • Pizza on the Grill 25 of 28
    Grills aren't just for barbecue anymore! This pizza's thin, crispy crust keeps the calories — and carb count — low without skimping on flavor.
    Make pizza on the grill
  • Grilled Chocolate Fruit Panini 26 of 28
    We know — how’'s a chocolate panini good for you? Easy: this recipe calls for fresh fruit and just a small amount of dark chocolate, which is known for its blood-pressure- and cholesterol-lowering properties. (Use a whole-wheat baguette to keep things even more nutritious!)
    Make grilled chocolate and fruit panini

    Photo credit: Kathy Patalsky
  • Banana Boats on the Grill 27 of 28
    Swap banana splits for these banana boats; they make an equally tasty ending to a BBQ meal, and you can cook ’'em right on the grill.
    Make banana boats on the grill
  • Grilled Pineapple 28 of 28
    If the grill’'s already hot, throw on some pineapple with this two-ingredient “marinade” for an extra-sweet treat — without all the unhealthy extras.
    Make grilled pineapple
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