How to Transform BBQ Leftovers

In an effort to make sure I had enough food to feed everyone for yesterdays 4th of July BBQ feast I may have over done it. I’ve got enough ribs, burgers, corn, hot dogs and fruit to feed next year’s party. What to do with all the food? The family is kinda BBQ’d out so I’ve got to come up with some recipes that will hide the fact that these are actually leftovers. Good thing my fellow Family Kitchen cooks are so creative in the kitchen. I’ve scoured the archives and found some great recipes that will have the kids and hubs fooled! Keep reading if you need some fresh ideas too…


  • Bruschetta Patty Melt 1 of 7
    What a cool idea for a burger redo! My patties may be different from the recipe, but I can still add the toppings for a complete transformation.
    Make your own Bruschetta patty melts
  • Pulled Pork Sliders On Sweet Hawaiian Rolls 2 of 7
    The family may know that I'm using the leftover ribs for these sliders, but they are so good they won't care especially since my daughter is obsessed with sweet hawaiian rolls.
    Make your own pulled pork sliders on sweet Hawaiian rolls
  • Fresh Corn Salad 3 of 7
    The second best thing to fresh corn on the cob is a fresh corn salad, and this one is inspired by Chipotle, a family favorite!
    Make your own fresh corn salad
  • Rainbow Fruit Popsicles 4 of 7
    I may not have all the colors in my fruit salad to make a full rainbow, but I can still make colorful fruit popsicles that will last for the rest of the hot month.
    Make your own rainbow fruit popsicles
  • Baked Corn Dog Muffin Style 5 of 7
    What better way use up all those leftover hot dogs than to make baked corn dog muffins? I can freeze them too for those late afternoon snack attacks.
    Make your own baked corn dog, muffin style
  • Grilled Vegetable And Chicken With Tortellini 6 of 7
    Got grilled chicken and veggies? This recipe will be quick and easy with those leftovers and another great way to use the corn on the cob.
    Make your own grilled vegetable and chicken with tortellini
  • Real Watermelon Popsicles 7 of 7
    Leftover watermelon tends to turn into mush. Why not make more mush by blending all the watermelon up and turning it into popsicles? If you've got other fruit, drop it into the pop for a frozen fruit treat.
    Make your own real watermelon popsicles

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