Behind the Pretty Packaging: What Frozen Dinners Really Look Like

Microwave meals, particularly those diet-labeled ones may seem like a great way to lose weight. All your calories are there and accounted for, and the effort on your part is small. The pictures on the outside tend to promise bright, fresh meals full of life. The reality, however, is that the meals are less than pretty, as the folks at Jezebel proved when they looked at three weeks’ worth of frozen dinners.

  • Salisbury Steak and… 1 of 3
    Salisbury Steak and...
    Are those noodles? This takes processed macaroni and cheese to a new low, and I haven't even looked at that meat(?) puck pretending to be food yet.
    Photo credit: Jezebel
  • Chicken and Rice 2 of 3
    Chicken and Rice
    I find this Thai-Style Chicken one of the less offensive options. A bit of fluffing and you may be able to see how it could possibly resemble the photo. At least you can see the rice and the chicken pieces. Lean Cuisine on the whole seemed to have a bit more of a fresh appearance than the other dinners.
    Photo credit: Jezebel
  • Rice and Beans 3 of 3
    Rice and Beans
    Rice and Beans are never really pretty, but these are decidedly less so. It sort of looks like maybe there was a bit of help in the digestion with its uniformity. Getting you started, less for your body to do, sort of thing.
    Check out the full 3 weeks' worth of meals on Jezebel

Top Photo credit: Lean Cuisine.
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