New Ben & Jerry’s Flavors Have “Pregnancy Cravings” Written All Over Them

Ben & Jerry's

Look, we’ve all been there. You’re eight months pregnant, it’s been weeks since you last saw your feet and it doesn’t matter anyway, because even if you could see them, they’re too swollen for all your shoes. Suddenly it happens: you need pickles / peppers / chocolate / mustard / ice cream and you need them NOW. Preferably all mixed together.

We can’t help you out when it comes to the pickles and peppers, but we’re pretty sure Ben & Jerry’s had pregnant women on the brain when they came up with their latest Cookie Core flavors: Boom Chocolatta, Peanut Buttah, and Spectacular Speculoos.

No more wasting time crushing up your own cookies. No frustrating delay while you spend MINUTES mixing them into whatever frozen treat is hiding in the back corner of your freezer. No. Now you can be face-first in your pint of ice cream in a matter of SECONDS.

We guess since we never got those self-painting toenails we wanted for Christmas, this is the next best thing.

Did you have weird craving combinations when you were pregnant? Share your strangest ones in the comments below!

Photo source: Ben & Jerry’s  

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