8 Best Fruity Lemonade Recipes for Summer

Lemonade isn’t just about lemons anymore. You can get so creative with your lemonade recipes by adding your favorite seasonal fruits. Watermelon, pomegranate, pink grapefruit, raspberry… anything goes in these simple yet refreshing creations! Check out some of our favorite recipes created by our Babble bloggers. We hope you’ll be inspired by the range of flavors to create your own family favorite lemonade this summer.

Creative Fruity Lemonade Recipes for Summer

  • Watermelon Lemonade 1 of 8
    Refreshing lemonade with one of summer's favorite fruits Click for Recipe
  • Easy Blackberry Lemonade 2 of 8
    Bellalimento whips up a simple and refreshing lemonade with blackberries Click for Recipe
  • Fresh Cherry Lemonade 3 of 8
    Sweet and tart lemonade flavored with fresh cherries Click for Recipe
  • Just Like Del’s Frozen Lemonade 4 of 8
    Use your blender to recreated this famous Rhode Island summer drink! <a href=https://www.babble.com/family-kitchen/2011/06/15/just-like-dels-famous-frozen-lemonade-rhode-islands-ultimate-summer-refresher/
  • Easy Raspberry Lemonade 5 of 8
    Let your kids help make this yummy raspberry lemonade by Angie McGowen Click for Recipe
  • Refreshing Pomegranate Lemonade Spritzer 6 of 8
    Pomegranate and sparkling water make this lemonade perfect on a scorching summer day Click for Recipe
  • Strawberry-Rhubarb Lemonade 7 of 8
    Julie's recipe is inspired by a favorite pie flavor.. strawberry rhubarb! Click for Recipe
  • Triple Citrus Lemonade 8 of 8
    Organic oranges and pink grapefruits compliment lemons in this thrist-quenching drink Click for Recipe

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