Best Meatloaf Sandwich

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My sister and her husband just moved to Los Angeles from Amsterdam, I am so excited to have some family living so close! She is happy to be back to her U.S. roots, but her hubs is British and has never lived state side so he’s a bit more nervous about life here. What better way to welcome my awesome brother-in-law than to invite him over for a halloween themed supper with lots of recipes from my  halloween healthy party food and totally gross halloween food, including two giant meatloaf hands. They were a hit, so much so that he (and I) had leftovers today. I had to give him instructions on how to assemble the perfect meatloaf sandwich…

How fun is this dinner?  The kids went wild!

Meatloaf Sandwich Recipe

Really tasty leftover meatloaf sliced thick, cold

Rye bread

spicy brown mustard



cheddar cheese

Spread a thin layer of spicy mustard on each slice of bread, then a thick layer of ketchup. Cover the bottom layer with thick sliced of meatloaf, add some cheese and lettuce and top with the other layer of bread. Eat cold, heating it will ruin the concept!


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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