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I’m kind of obsessed with keeping my storage container drawer organized, but I just seem to fail. I took the advice to buy containers that stack and use the same size lid, that way there’s always a lid. Then kids came home with the bottom and lids were tossed or I would find lids and the containers would be filled with dirt outside. My food storage cupboard was a disaster. Then one day while scouring the web for a better lunch storage system I saw some containers with lids ATTACHED and they are BPA free! Genius. Ordered. Love. Get the scoop after the jump…

I ordered a set of Mr Lids (how great is the name?!), but wasn’t sure how they would hold up in person. Turns out they are amazing and sturdy and hold up to my 3 year old boy!  And the lids come home people! Nothing was spilled, even when both of my kids were fighting over a container filled with mini ice cream sandwiches and the Mr Lid went flying. It didn’t pop open or crack and kept those sacred ice cream sandwiches in one piece. They stack too, making my cupboard organized once again. My daughter wanted to make sure that I add how they are soft and smooth and easy to open and close, so there’s your 6 year old review. Check out all the ways we are using our new favorite food storage containers and get your own here.

  • Lunch For All 1 of 5
    Lunch For All
    My husband brought his lunch today and for my daughter's first day of school we packed her faves in Mr Lids.
  • Salad 2 of 5
    This size was surprisingly large. My hubby put a large salad inside this Mr Lid for his lunch.
  • Sandwich 3 of 5
    I love that this Mr Lid is a rectangle. I haven't used square bread since the early 80's.
  • Watermelon 4 of 5
    My kid goes gaga for watermelon and got this container in her lunch today.
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches 5 of 5
    Ice Cream Sandwiches
    I keep a secret stash in the freezer.

Stay tuned for another cool kitchen item purchase.

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