Beyond the Salad: Best Raw Recipes for Kids

raw kids recipes
raw kids recipes

You’ve heard the buzz about raw meals, but would you — or your kids — ever catch on to this trend? Raw food is rich in nutrients, living enzymes, typically high in fiber, and pretty to look at to boot! Whole, healthy foods like grains, fruits, nuts, seeds and veggies are some of the best ingredients you can feed your kids. So besides salad, what are some raw, kid-friendly recipes? Well how about cashew dip, chia pudding, and raw, no-bake granola bars for starters? You will notice that many of these raw recipes involve using your blender (high-speed blenders work best, but are not necessary for all the recipes). Blended recipes (like raw almond milk) are some of the most basic components of raw food cuisine that are very easy to get your family to try. Here are 11 of my favorite kid-friendly raw, vegan recipes!

  • Raw Granola Bars 1 of 10
    Easy no-bake granola bars are delicious, fun, and perfect for on the go. Filled with nuts, seeds, whole grains, and dried fruit — these bars are packed with energizing nutrients. Whole grains add fiber, nuts add healthy fats, and seeds keep that energy burst going. To make this recipe raw, pay attention to which sweeteners you use — go for raw agave syrup and raw nut butters.
    Make a raw granola bar
  • Fresh Fruit Smoothies 2 of 10
    Fresh, raw fruit is one of the best ways to turn kids on to raw foods. Blend up their favorite fruits in a refreshing, sweet, and energizing smoothie. This citrus and fresh peach smoothie is loaded with antioxidants A and C from the fruit, as well as fiber and potassium.
    Make a straight A smoothie
  • Chia Seed Pudding 3 of 10
    If your kids are pudding fiends, try this raw version! Chia seeds are rich in healthy omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and even protein. Chia seed pudding can be made in a variety of ways — to make it raw, use raw non-dairy milk, like raw almond milk, or simply use water. Sweeten with raw agave syrup or fruit juice and fresh fruit accents. Note: The recipe below needs to be modified slightly to be raw.
    Make chia seed pudding
  • Raw Shakes 4 of 10
    One of the best secrets to creating creamy, thick raw dessert shakes is to add frozen bananas to your blend. This simple, two-ingredient shake is rich in the pineapple enzyme bromelain (which is proven to help fight infection!), fiber, and potassium.
    Make a tropical shake
  • Raw Cacao Shake 5 of 10
    If you invest in just one raw-approved ingredient, get a big bag of raw cacao powder! Due to its rich chocolate flavor, you can use it just as you would cocoa powder. This shake recipe is loaded with cacao antioxidants, which improve circulation, regular heartbeat, and blood pressure. And bonus: Sipping this drink will make you beautiful; it's rich in sulfer, which is proven to strengthen nails and hair and promote beautiful skin.
    Make a cacao shake
  • Raw Cashew Desserts 6 of 10
    Raw desserts are indeed amazing! This raw cacao cashew strawberry pie is rich, decadent, and filled with flavor — meaning your kids will have no idea they're eating healthy! This pie is rich in healthy omega-6 fats and protein (from the cashews), vitamin C and potassium (from the strawberries), and vitamin E and calcium (from the almonds). Be sure to sweeten your raw desserts with raw agave syrup.
    Make cacao cashew strawberry pie
  • Raw Almond Faux Tuna 7 of 10
    If your kids love tuna salad sandwiches, give this raw vegan version a try. Chocked full of almonds, which are high in brain-boosting nutrients riboflavin and L-carnitine, this recipe is the ultimate brain food for you and your kids. Crunchy celery and lively accents like raw cider vinegar and lemon juice add flavor and texture to this recipe to keep things interesting. For raw "bread," try lettuce wraps!
    Make faux tuna salad
  • Raw Almond Milk 8 of 10
    Raw almond milk is super yummy — sweeten with raw agave syrup and add some vanilla bean for amazing kid-approved flavor. Then once you have your basic vanilla recipe down, add in some cacao powder for chocolate almond milk ... or fresh strawberries for raw strawberry almond milk! Almonds are rich in vitamin E, magnesium, and manganese, which will help you and your little ones keep your hearts healthy!
    Make raw almond milk
  • Green Smoothies 9 of 10
    Will your kids really drink this green-colored smoothie? Yes! The flavor is sweet and sassy with hints of citrus, mango, and banana. Rich in antioxidants A and C (which will help strengthen your kid's eyesight and immune system), fiber (which promotes healthy digestion), and heart-healthy potassium — this energizing blend not only tastes amazing, but will make your kids feel good from the inside out.
    Make a green smoothie
  • Raw Cashew Dip 10 of 10
    Everyone loves dips! Pair this raw cashew dip with some colorful veggie sticks or your favorite raw crackers and let your kids dig in! This cashew-based spread is rich in iron, protein, magnesium and zinc, which promote healthy hearts, bones, and skin!
    Make raw cashew dip

Note: You don’t have to go 100% raw to get raw food benefits. If you serve up raw cashew spread on non-raw toast, that’s still a pretty good partially raw snack! Infuse your menu with mostly raw foods (rich in nutrients, enzymes, and fiber) and you will taste and feel the difference.

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