Bill Clinton Goes Totally Vegan

vegan burger
vegan burger

There’s an article in the New York Times this week revealing that former President Clinton, who recently pronounced his vegetarian status, has gone totally vegan. Yes, this is the same man who used to brag about his obsession of all things fast food – including burgers, onions rings and milkshakes. The same man who made headlines for gobbling up a double cheeseburger a few years back – and who was notorious for his bypass-needing health and heart problems. So just what is Clinton eating (or not eating) today?..

The article, Bill Clintons Vegan Journey, which you can read in the New York Times Well Blog, references an interview Clinton recently did with CNN’s Sajay Gupta.

So why did Clinton make such drastic changes in his diet? Clinton says he went vegan for health reasons. Clinton is now a strong believer that his new diet is responsible for his renewed heart health. He has clearly come a long way from the days when he was making headlines for his heart bypass surgery.

Clinton consumes no dairy, meat, eggs and very little oil. He told Gupta, “I like the vegetables, the fruits, the beans, the stuff I eat now.”

You may also recall when Clinton’s daughter Chelsea made news for “vegging out” her wedding to accommodate her dad’s needs. And blogs have wondered if Chelsea will bring up veggie kids. Now I guess the only question is, will Hilary join in the veggie Clinton trend?

So what is Clinton eating? Lots of fruits and veggies. Whole grains. Legumes. Nuts. Occasional oils. And I’m sure a few low fat vegan treats for his sweet tooth. Here’s a look as some vegan recipes that Clinton may be eating nowadays – give yourself and family a taste of his vegan diet!..

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