Birthday Cake Contest Round-up

Be warned: If you are prone to maternal insecurity in the face of fondant-wielding mothers, you might want to skip this post. But man, as you’ve been reading, my in-box is absolutely flooded with submissions for the birthday cake contest (winner announced in May) and I wanted you guys to get a glimpse of the images that are greeting me in my inbox every morning. I feel like the birthday girl, myself! If you haven’t already, submit your own creative confections! (Or, if you just want to just start with Birthday Cake Basics, I totally understand!) Send pics to me directly: Jenny AT babble DOT com.

Goldfish Bowl

I love this fish party centerpiece. It’s a 3-layer carrot cake with orange gummy fish swiming around the sides. How pretty does it look with the message written in the same color as the frosting? It’s so elegant without being at all fussy! And get this, it’s from Lia of Rainbow Cake fame. Hey Roland! You are one lucky kid!

Toy Story Cake!

This one was submitted by Lisa who made it for her Buzz Lightyear-loving son Ernie on his fifth birthday. Except for the action figures, the entire thing is edible including the chocolate headboard! How impressive is that? I love that she thought to take the picture on top of his dresser, too. Thanks Lisa!

And now, cried Max, Let The Wild Rumpus Start!

I’m liking the use of action figures on this one, too (hey, why not use what you’ve got?) Mom Melissa topped this simply frosted “Rumpus Cake” for her own little monster using just artificial greenery, dolls, and handfuls of chocolate sprinkles.

And lastly (below) a T-Rex Treat

Look at the details on that leathery skin? The baker is Misty. Misty – I think you are mother of the year.

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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