Blackberry Season With 10 Must-Try Recipes

As a kid growing up in Oregon, there was nothing like August and September and the giant, sweet blackberries that grew wild all over the hills. I remember once when I was ten years old, I was on the hunt for the biggest blackberry I could find, and I found it. Unfortunately it was way up and towards the center of the top of the bush. If anyone is not familiar with blackberry bushes, they are thick fibrous vines covered in hardcore thorns = dangerous. Well, being the determined kid that I was, I climbed up to the top rail of the fence and leaned in, reaching with all my might, until I fell, full body into the bush. OUCH. I called for my dad and he and his friend came to rescue me (yes it took 2 grown men to pull me out). I may have been scraped and gashed and crying, but I GOT my giant berry!  It was so worth it and so are the 10 exciting blackberry recipes that follow!


  • Blackberry Granitas 1 of 10
    Blackberry Granitas
    It's like a slushy without having to use a blender! Just pop your ingredients into a pan and freeze, scoop and eat. Refreshing summer treat.
    Make your own Blackberry granitas
  • Easiest Blackberry Pie Ever 2 of 10
    Easiest Blackberry Pie Ever
    This pie can be made in minutes, like less than 10 minutes. Guest will love the way this looks (and tastes) and no one will know how easy it is to make!
    Make your own easiest blackberry pie ever
  • Easy Blackberry Lemonade 3 of 10
    Easy Blackberry Lemonade
    A lovely homemade lemonade with a hint of blackberry flavor and mint, perfect combo for a beautiful drink.
    Make your own easy blackberry lemonade
  • 5 Minute Blackberry Cobbler 4 of 10
    5 Minute Blackberry Cobbler
    If you only have a few blackberries left or you're just craving a quick and decadent snack, this cobbler is just what you need. And it's true, only 5 minutes from start to chow time.
    Make your own 5 minute blackberry cobbler
  • Blackberry Soup 5 of 10
    Blackberry Soup
    Blackberry soup was never something I thought about making, but this recipe had me intrigued. It was not only delicious, but the author was correct, my kids LOVED it.
    Make your own blackberry soup
  • Skillet Corn Cake with Blackberries and Nectarines 6 of 10
    Skillet Corn Cake with Blackberries and Nectarines
    I remember the first time I made this cake and it was a complete accident and substitution of ingredients ... that turned out worthy enough to share with you all.
    Make your own skillet corn cake with blackberry and nectarines
  • Blackberry Sunrise Skinny Muffin 7 of 10
    Blackberry Sunrise Skinny Muffin
    These muffin are full of all kinds of good for you stuff like sunflower seeds, applesauce and wheat germ. To top it off, they are gluten free.
    Make your own blackberry sunrise skinny muffins
  • Blackberry Cherry Vanilla Smoothie 8 of 10
    Blackberry Cherry Vanilla Smoothie
    This recipe calls for blackberry preserves, but you can easily swap out fresh blackberries. It's also a super smoothie with hemp oil for added omega-3.
    Make your own blackberry cherry vanilla smoothie
  • Cheesecake Tart With BlackBerries And Lime 9 of 10
    Cheesecake Tart With BlackBerries And Lime
    It's the best of two desserts, key lime pie and blackberry cheesecake.
    Make your own cheesecake tart with blackberries and lime
  • Homemade Blackberry Sherbet 10 of 10
    Homemade Blackberry Sherbet
    Want to have your blackberries and cool off from the summer heat? Make some blackberry sherbet to sooth your body and you mouth.
    Make your own homemade blackberry sherbet

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