Blueberry Green Kiwi Zinger Smoothie

If you are still finding it hard to wake up since the ‘spring forward’ time change, here is an easy recipe for a green smoothie that will wake you up, fill you with nutrient dense energy and just make you feel good. It is my Blue Green Zinger Smoothie. Sure it was a super pretty-looking bright green smoothie until I plopped a handful of wild blueberries and sweet purple grapes into this blend. And so the color, “blue green” is a bit off tone. But the spicy sweet flavors are cravable. Antioxidants galore. Fiber too. This is a whole food smoothie your entire family will want try..

Why is this smoothie so great?.. Here’s why!

The citrus and kiwis are filled with vitamin C, fiber, minerals like potassium and zingy-y flavor.
The cayenne will add some spice to help wake you up.
Those kale leaves are filled with good stuff. Fiber, calcium, vitamins, minerals and protein.
The liquid is to thin things out and aid in a smooth thexture.
The ice cools things down.
The blueberries are antioxidant-rich and add a nice frosty texture.
And that banana helps to sweeten things up and thickens the texture.
And don’t forget healthy grapes which add a boost of sweetness as well.

Blueberry Green Kiwi Zinger Smoothie
serves 2-4

1 large orange, peeled (seedless is best)
1 ripe banana, peeles
2 cups raw kale leaves, washed
2 kiwis, peeled
3/4 cup green or purple grapes
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/3 cup ice
a few dashes of cayenne for ZING!
1 cup liquid (this can be soy milk, orange juice or even plain water for a milder sweetness)

garnish: fruit and a few extra dashes of spicy cayenne – if you dare!


Blend using a Vitamix or another high speed blender. Blend until all the kale leaves have been blended down. I like to add the blueberry in last to get a frostiness to my shake, but you can add then at any stage of blending.


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