Broccoli and Cheese Pizza! A match made in pizza heaven.

broccoli and cheese pizza
broccoli and cheese pizza

Broccoli and Cheese Pizza is pure genius! One bite and I was in love. Not only does this creation take the classic combo of broccoli and cheese and mash them up into a perfect slice of pizza – but this recipe is perfect for getting kids to eat their veggies! And maybe even enjoy it!

Caramelized, roasted broccoli meets oozy, melting cheese – a hint of garlic and some extra virgin olive oil. This pizza is red sauce-free! It just doesn’t need it. The tomato would detract from the perfect simplicity that is: broccoli and cheese!…

The Flavors: I adore the way the broccoli sweetly caramelizes as it roasts in the hot oven and intermingles with the tender olive oil, garlic and luscious cheese. The cheese melts into all the broccoli crevices and the garlic wafts up from the tender crust like an Italian perfume! Party on your pizza plate.

Vegan Pizza! I made my pizza with vegan cheddar and mozzarella cheeses for a dairy-free creation. If you haven’t tried vegan cheese – give it a shot. The newer brands melt brilliantly and taste amazingly. Daiya is my favorite meltable “pizza” cheese. Follow Your Heart is another brand to try.

The Crust. Pizza crust is so easy to find nowadays. You can buy a nice round of fresh pizza dough at supermarkets like Trader Joe’s for a very cheap price. And I adore buying multigrain or whole wheat pizza dough from Whole Foods. I used the whole wheat crust for this pizza and it was a perfect pairing. If you have time, you can always make your own pizza dough too.

broccoli cheese pizza
broccoli cheese pizza
broccoli cheese pizza
broccoli cheese pizza

No Sauce! Sauce is a silly thing to add to this pizza. Trust me. It just doesn’t need it! And acidic tomato sauce would surely detract from the veggie/cheese flavors. Keep it simple and easy.

Cheese on Top! This pizza keeps the cheese on top of the toppings. This way all the kids see is the cheese first instead of the veggies!

Kids Kitchen. Kids can definitaly help make this pizza! Fun Tip! Mini Pizzas: You can even roll out the dough into mini pizza balls so they can each make their own individual pizzas!

Brussel Sprouts Too! The reason why I love this recipe is because you can really use it to apply to any veggie that you can’t get your kids to eat. Like baby brussel sprouts. Roast them and smother them in cheese on a pizza and they may be asking for more brussel sprouts (well, on a pizza.) Get my Brussel Sprout Cheese Pizza Recipe.

Cheesy Broccoli Pizza

1 ball of whole wheat pizza dough
olive oil for rubbing

broccoli florets mixture:
1 3/4 cups broccoli florets
2 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
2-3 Tbsp olive oil
1 tsp garlic powder
1 tsp mixed green Italian herbs, dried or fresh
pinch of salt

3/4 cup mixed cheese shreds (white/orange)
*add more or less cheese to suit your tastes
*I used vegan cheese shreds


1. Preheat oven to 415 degrees.

2. Toss your broccoli florets in the florets mixture ingredients. Set aside.

3. Roll out your pizza dough. Rub olive oil on all sides so that the dough doesn’t stick to whatever pizza pan you use. I used a basic medium baking sheet – rubbed with olive oil.

4. Spread you dough over your pan. Start adding the florets right to the dough – until the dough is covered in broccoli.

5. Add your cheese shreds until covered.

6. Bake your pizza at 415 for 20-25 minutes. When your dough begins to brown and is cooked though your pizza is done. Allow to cool a minute or two before serving.

broccoli cheese pizza
broccoli cheese pizza
broccoli and cheese pizza
cheesy! (vegan cheese)

Get more photos of my Cheesy Broccoli Pizza here!

brussel sprout cheese pizza
brussel sprout cheese pizza

brussel sprout cheese pizza
brussel sprout cheese pizza
Article Posted 6 years Ago

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