Broccoli Recipes for Kids

  • Broccoli Cheese Emerald Nuggets 1 of 13
    Forget chicken! Tonight’s dinner is all about these crunchy, cheesy nuggets that will make even the most voracious meat eater happy.
    Make Broccoli Cheese Emerald Nuggets »
  • Broccoli and Potato Pancakes 2 of 13
    Go green with these scrumptious potato pancakes that will convince your kids that eating broccoli can actually be yummy sometimes.
    Make Broccoli and Potato Pancakes »
  • Broccoli and Cheddar Gougres 3 of 13
    These no-fuss puff pastries are completely kid-approved: The chef’s 4-year-old has promised to always eat them. Every. Single. Time.
    Make Broccoli and Cheddar Gougères »
  • Easy Green Broccoli Pesto 4 of 13
    This healthful take on regular pesto sauce will get any 5-year-old to eat his broccoli -- and everything else on his plate.
    Make Easy Green Broccoli Pesto »
  • Broccoli Gratin 5 of 13
    Even if your kids don't like broccoli, this super-cheesy gratin will surely melt their
    veggie-hardened hearts.
    Make Broccoli Gratin »
  • Lunchbox-friendly Broccoli Slaw 6 of 13
    Forget wilted lettuce — this sassy slaw retains its flavor and crunch even when sitting in a lunchbox all morning!
    Make Lunchbox-friendly Broccoli Slaw »
  • Cheesy Potato 7 of 13
    Welcome in fall with this comforting soup that’s loaded with creamy broccoli goodness.
    Make Cheesy Potato & Broccoli Chowder »
  • Broccoli Vegetable Pie 8 of 13
    Sneaking in veggies has never been easier than making this yummy vegetable pie.
    Make Broccoli Vegetable Pie »
  • Broccoli Crunch Salad 9 of 13
    Cole slaw gets a makeover with this super fresh and crunchy salad that’s so delicious, kids might actually decide they like broccoli.
    Make Broccoli Crunch Salad »
  • English Broccoli-and-Cheese Quiche 10 of 13
    A staple at any brunch table, this quiche is a great way to introduce kids to the wonder that is organic veggies.
    Make English Broccoli-and-Cheese Quiche »
  • Angel Hair with Broccoli and Parmesan 11 of 13
    Kids will eat anything when you mix it with pasta. This angel hair and broccoli combo cooks up quick, and disappears even quicker.
    Make Angel Hair with Broccoli and Parmesan »
  • Vegetarian Broccoli Pizza 12 of 13
    Get your kids to help you make this pizza — we guarantee they’ll want to gobble up the reward of all their hard work.
    Make Vegetarian Broccoli Pizza »
  • Broccoli Brownies 13 of 13
    There’s a healthy serving of broccoli in these fudgy chocolate brownies. And, yes, they’re good.
    Make Broccoli Brownies »

Article Posted 8 years Ago

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