"Broccoli Schmoccoli, I HATE Broccoli": I Was That Kid

Snap Peas
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Dear Parents, This is blog post is meant to put your mind at ease. Do your children push broccoli aside when it’s presented to them on a dinner plate? Turn up their noses and say “no way, Jose!” when you explain the multitude of sweets they will get in reward for one little bite? Don’t worry. They will survive. They may not ever eat a single bite of broccoli in their lifetime, but they will be healthy, happy people who lead exciting productive lives. How do I know this? Because I hate broccoli. Always have. Always will. I know this is an odd thing to say in the midst of broccoli week, but I really think you ought to know this. The veggie struggle with kids can be tough, and I was one of the worst (you should hear the stories my parents have!). Though over time I came around to most vegetables. In fact, these days I am a practicing vegetarian at least two nights a week. But you will still never catch me eating broccoli. Blech, I can’t stand it. The moral of the story here is that it is okay if your child never eats a bite of broccoli, it is not reflection on you. Even better, there is a silver lining:

There are tons of other green vegetables that are just as healthy as broccoli! Green Beans! Peas! Asparagus! Spinach! Arugula! Kale! Load them into your tote bags and haul them home tout suite! They are delicious and every bit as nutritious as broccoli. In fact, I would argue, obviously, that it is way more fun to cook haricot vert and asparagus then broccoli. I am partial to eating my beans and stalks like french fries. A carryover habit from my less-than-perfect mannered boarding school days.

So, if you are a parent with children who positively deplore broccoli, stop worrying. They will come to eat it on their own terms when they grow up, or they won’t. You just keep doing your best and the next time they push it away remember that not everyone in this world is a broccoli-lover, and you can always send them to my house. I’ll be serving snap peas.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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