• 17 Delicious “Dirt” Recipes 1 of 18
  • Dirt and Grass Shake 2 of 18
    This dessert goes to show that looks can be deceiving! A frosty snack made with fresh fruit and nuts, it's a healthy yet sweet treat that kids and parents can equally feel good about.
    Make a dirt and grass shake
    Photo credit: Kathy Patalsky
  • Sand Dollar Sugar Cookies 3 of 18
    With warmer weather in store, it's hard not to have the beach on your brain. Prep for sunny days with these sand dollar-shaped cookies, which your little ones can customize and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Yum!
    Make sand dollar sugar cookies
  • Gummy Worm Ice Cubes 4 of 18
    Out of the dirt and into your … lemonade? Keep cool the natural way with these gummy worm ice cubes that are crawling with flavor!
    Make gummy worm ice cubes
  • Caterpillar in Grass and Dirt Cupcakes 5 of 18
    Coconut shavings and a bag of gummy worms turn ordinary chocolate and vanilla cupcakes into desserts Mother Nature would be happy to dig into!
    Make caterpillar in grass and dirt cupcakes
  • Polka Dot Dirt Cake 6 of 18
    Hidden beneath this cake's dirt-y exterior lies a world of colorful polka dots — just the treat to show your budding environmentalists the beauty that lies in nature.
    Make polka dot dirt cake
  • Worms and Dirt in a Jar 7 of 18
    Save the earth … worms by digging into this gummy worm-infested treat!
    Make worms and dirt in a jar
  • Dirt on a Stick 8 of 18
    Dirt on a Stick
    Just try convincing everyone these came from your kitchen, not your backyard! These doughnut holes covered in cookie crumbs would make great kiddie hors d'oeuvres for an outdoor party!
    Make dirt on a stick
  • Worm Hill Chocolate Mud Pudding Parfait 9 of 18
    Worm Hill Chocolate Mud Pudding Parfait
    We're happy to camp out on Worm Hill — as long as it means we get to eat this chocolate pudding topped with coconut "grass"!
    Make worm hill chocolate mud pudding parfait
    Photo credit: Kathy Patalsky
  • Worms and Dirt Pudding Pops 10 of 18
    Worms and Dirt Pudding Pops
    Dirt is good for you! Especially when it's in a delectable eco-friendly treat like this gummy worms and pudding pop.
    Make worms and dirt pudding pops
  • Ant Hill Ice Cream Cones 11 of 18
    Ant Hill Ice Cream Cones
    Real ants can ruin a picnic, but these black licorice "ants" go perfectly with this graham-cracker-crumb-topped ice cream — a great snack, rain or shine.
    Make ant hill ice cream cones
  • Sand Pail Dirt Cake 12 of 18
    Sand Pail Dirt Cake
    While you'd never want to find a real worm in, say, your apple, we're totally fine with sour gummy worms showing up in this "green" cake — in fact, we'd like more.
    Make sand pail dirt cake
  • Mississippi Mud Bars 13 of 18
    Mississippi Mud Bars
    April showers and a clod of Biloxi earth may make your kid's typical Mississippi mud pie, but we'd opt for this Oreo, brownie, and frosting alternative any day of the week!
    Make Mississippi mud bars
  • Gluten-Free Chocolate Puddle Cookies 14 of 18
    Gluten-Free Chocolate Puddle Cookies
    These cookies look so much like dirt, if you dropped one of them in the garden, you might never find it again!
    Make gluten-free chocolate puddle cookies
  • Peppermint Faux-Joe’s 15 of 18
    Peppermint Faux-Joe's
    These minty sandwich cookies look suspiciously like the mud pies your toddler is outside making. Hopefully, these are the only ones he'll actually eat.
    Make peppermint faux-Joe's
  • Grasshopper Cookie Cupcakes 16 of 18
    Grasshopper Cookie Cupcakes
    Are there grasshoppers hiding underneath that Oreo-crumble layer of "dirt"? We sure hope not — but these look so good that we're willing to take the risk.
    Make grasshopper cookie cupcakes
  • Flower Pot Cupcakes 17 of 18
    Flower Pot Cupcakes
    Remember learning about the different layers of soil in Earth Science class? Teach your kids the (very scientific) method of stacking cake, frosting, and cookie crumbles with these adorable cupcakes — a most delicious lesson!
    Make flower pot cupcakes
  • Dirt Cake 18 of 18
    Dirt Cake
    Have you started mistaking your houseplants for dessert? Your friends just might think so with this deceptive cake that gives a whole new meaning to "green" eating.
    Make dirt cake

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