Cakes that Suck: 10 Twilight Cake Fails

Twilight fever is winding up again with the Breaking Dawn premiere about to hit theatres. If you’ve ever squealed over the romance of Bella and Edward, sighed at the sorrow of Jacob’s rejection, or moaned over the ridiculousness of the whole vampire genre, you’re sure to enjoy a peek at the lengths some adoring fans will go to get a bite out of their favorite characters. We’ve pulled together 10 of the best (read: more horrific) Twilight cakes you’ve ever sunk your teeth into. Be warned…these cakes suck!

  • You Gotta Hand it to the Decorator 1 of 10
    You Gotta Hand it to the Decorator
    Because nothing says "real human" like the size of his hands.
  • Team Jacob 2 of 10
    Team Jacob
    For those wishing to take their love for Werewolves to an almost artistic level of impressionism. Watch out, Monet.
  • Edward is a Real Featherweight 3 of 10
    Edward is a Real Featherweight
    Bloody feathers. Bloody Feathers. There's just nothing more appetizing than bloody feathers.
  • Beary Scary 4 of 10
    Beary Scary
    And in twist heretofore unseen, Book Five concludes with Jacob turning into a vampiric teddy bear. Oh, the ironic beauty of it all.
  • Eat Your Words 5 of 10
    Eat Your Words
    In an attempt to cover every last bite of the cake with a piece of Edward's poetic prowess, she piped his words where there wasn't any space at all.
  • And I Quote 6 of 10
    And I Quote
    Don't you be fooled. Twilight fans can crack a joke. A funny, witty, mindbendingly lame joke.
  • An Apple a Day… 7 of 10
    An Apple a Day...
    Nothing says "biblical truth" like a quote from Twilight.
  • Read My Lips 8 of 10
    Read My Lips
    His lips were cold, hard, and big enough to floata yacht on.
  • Movie Madness 9 of 10
    Movie Madness
    It was only in the movie, but gosh! the way he scowled it was soooo sexy.
  • The End 10 of 10
    The End
    Everyone wondered if Bella's baby was a boy or a girl. Nobody dared take a peek.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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