Candy Swap: Sour Patch Grapes

Sour Patch Grapes
Image Source: Brooke McLay

When it comes to snack time with my kids, I’m willing to admit I have been that mom who breaks down and buys the easy stuff … granola bars and fruit rolls, golden fishy crackers and two-bite muffins. These store-bought snacks are just too easy to buy sometimes — and too easy to get my kids to eat. No begging, no hemming and hawing. I know it sounds lazy, but let’s admit, most of us moms know the colorful, junky stuff is just too easy to give into.

Our family has been making a more concerted effort these days to eat a plant-based diet instead of processed foods, and we’ve found one particularly fun (and healthier) homemade candy that is a winner: Sour Patch Grapes. These sweets call for just two basic ingredients (grapes and Jell-O mix) and are so easy to make (only 60 seconds!), even kids can help. Though these treats obviously have a small coating of sugar, thanks to the Jell-O mix, I think they’re the perfect balance I want to strike with my kids. Whenever the kiddos ask for candy, we can whip up a batch of these, enjoy some quality time in the kitchen, and eat 100% more fruit than they would be getting in a bag of real Sour Patch Kids.

Start with a packet of Jell-O mix and a cup of grapes. You can use a single color, or grab some tri-color grapes and make a rainbow batch!

Sour Patch Grapes
Image Source: Brooke McLay

Remove grapes from the stems and place in a small strainer. Run under water, then tap several times against the sink to remove as much water as possible. Next, pour a bit of the Jell-O powder onto a plate and place several grapes on top. Sprinkle with more powder, and use a spoon to coat each grape. Transfer grapes to a large plate or piece of parchment and allow to dry for several minutes.

Sour Patch Grapes
Image Source: Brooke McLay

And that’s it! Enjoy the grapes immediately. Or store them in the fridge until ready to serve. They store best when laid in a flat layer. Though, you can certainly place them in a bowl. Just expect the different colors of Jell-O coating to mix slightly with each other.

Sour Patch Grapes
Image Source: Brooke McLay

The flavor of these grapes is so fun! With just a light layer of Jell-O mix, you’ll get a touch of tangy flavor and a bit of sugary crunch. Then the sweetness of the grape bursts through each bite.

It’s a really fun way to oomph up your fruit. These may just be the healthiest AND tastiest “fruit snacks” your kids have ever tried! In the words of my youngest daughter, “These things are amazing! I LOVE them!”

Sour Patch Grapes

Makes: 4 servings

2 cups grapes (green, red, or globe)
1/2 cup Jell-O powder (strawberry, black cherry, raspberry, or grape for red/purple, and lime for green)

1. Remove grapes from stems. Place in a strainer and wash with water. Tap the strainer several times to remove as much water as possible.
2. Place wet grapes in Jell-O powder. Sprinkle until well covered.
3. Transfer coated grapes to a serving plate or piece of parchment. Allow Jell-O to set slightly (for 5-15 minutes), then serve and enjoy!

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