Carb Lovers Diet: Eat the Carbs You Love and Lose Weight!

the carb lovers dietToday Rachel Ray featured authors Ellen Kunes and Frances Largeman-Roth, both editors at Health, to discuss their new book, The Carb Lovers Diet. This book features the idea that eating specific starches is, in fact, the key to weight loss. They say that resistant starches, or the “right carbs,” are harder for the body to burn, stay in digestive system longer and, therefore, keep you from feeling hunger. In turn, consuming these starches will help you cut belly fat, speed up your metabolism, reduce stress and protect your muscles while burning fat. Essentially, eating small amounts of good carbs can help keep you thin for life. Good carbs as defined by the book as whole grains, pasta, vegetables, fruits, and beans. They do recommend not eating white bread, refined grains or highly processed food in large quantities.

The four founding principles of the book are as follows:

1. Eat at least one resistant starch at each meal, especially the in the morning. Eating this starch in the morning could help you burn up to 25% more calories during the day.

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2. Meal portions should contain one-quarter each resistant starch, lean protein, good fats, fruits and vegetables.

3. Keep portions within recommended guidelines. This diet is about eating less, but consuming the resistant starch helps you feel fuller longer effectively staving off hunger.

4. Use the over 75 recipes in the book to find healthy variations on your favorite foods like pizza, pasta and grains.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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