CATastrophic Cakes: 10 Kitty Cake Fails

Whether you’re a cat person, a kitty lover, or the ultimate detester of all things feline, you’re sure to love (or loathe) these CATastrophic cakes. From pure-white persians to creepy cartoon characters, we’ve pulled together ten of the funniest, most absurd kitty-inspired cakes you’ve ever seen. Ready to sink your teeth into a few paw-itively hilarious pictures? Click and see!

  • Check Meowt 1 of 11
    Check Meowt
    Prepare yourself to hack upafurrball.
  • A Tail of Two Kitties 2 of 11
    A Tail of Two Kitties
    This is one special delivery we could all do without.
  • A Persian car pet! 3 of 11
    A Persian car pet!
    Nothing like a little drop of flavoron top of your cake.
  • Purrrfectly Terrifying 4 of 11
    Purrrfectly Terrifying
    Grandaddy always kept the neighbors away with his cake kitty.
  • Please Don’t Copy This Cat 5 of 11
    Please Don't Copy This Cat
    There are times when one is glad to know it's only a cake.
  • Claws-trophobia 6 of 11
    Easter eggs filled with kitties? Can you buy those things atWalmart?
  • Are You Feline It? 7 of 11
    Are You Feline It?
    Some cakes are too pretty to eat. And then there is thisone.
  • Meows in Wonderland 8 of 11
    Meows in Wonderland
    Everyone silently wondered if the smile at the front of the cake had something to do with what was going onbehindthe cake.
  • Giving Paws 9 of 11
    Giving Paws
    What do you get if you cross a budgie with a cat?A peeping Tom.
  • It’s Not Funny Meow 10 of 11
    It's Not Funny Meow
    Aunt Edna was surprised to learn the cat on the table wasn't areal cat after all.
  • Don’t Get Sandy Claws 11 of 11
    Don't Get Sandy Claws
    What kitty cake slideshow would be complete without the classic Kitty Litter Cake? Not this one.

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