Cheers! 15 Irresistible Boozy Desserts

A friend recently came for dinner and brought a beautiful bottle of cabernet. As we are not big red wine drinkers there was a decent amount left over.

What to do? I love using a good red in cooking – dishes like braised short ribs and pasta Bolognese. But it was still the dog days of August – too soon for such winter-y fare. Since I love to bake I wondered if I could find a “sweet” way to use up that cab, so I did a quick search online.

And many hours later came up with not only a lovely red wine truffle recipe, but a trove of fabulous ideas for boozy desserts!

These are so fun, and something a little different to serve up to guests – take a look and make your next “toast” with a cupcake instead!

  • 15 "Boozy" Desserts! 1 of 16
    15 boozy desserts

    I loved collecting these fun, unique dessert recipes - each featuring an ingredient typically found in your favorite cocktail!

  • Mojito Cupcakes 2 of 16
    haute apple pie mojito cupcake

    Tangy lime, fresh mint and a splash of rum make these not-too-sweet cupcakes the perfect finale to a Latin-themed meal!

    Image and recipe courtesy of Haute Apple Pie

  • Guiness Cake 3 of 16
    a beautiful bite guinness cake

    Guiness pairs beautifully with chocolate, and this rich layer cake proves it. Oh, and did I mention that it's frosted with and Irish cream whipped cream? St. Patrick's Day is just six months away....
    Image and recipe courtesy of A Beautiful Bite

  • Oatmeal (Rum Soaked) Raisin Cookies 4 of 16
    a thought for food oatmeal cookies

    Soaking dried fruit prior to using in a recipe is a tried and true cook's trick. I usually soak mine in some warm water. Silly me. These oatmeal cookies are filled with plump juicy raisins courtesy of a nice soak in rum. Perfection!
    Image and recipe courtesy of A Thought For Food

  • Bourbon Balls 5 of 16
    babble bourbon balls

    I love this twist on old school rum balls - these are going right on my holiday "to bake" list (for the grown-ups only, of course)!
    Get the recipe at Babble

  • White Russian Cupcakes 6 of 16
    baked perfection white russian cupcakes

    White Russians were my first "drink" when I started going out with friends. I remember feeling quite grown-up and sophisticated at the time. So I'm a little smitten/nostalgic over these cupcakes - especially with the Kahlua-vodka buttercream. Yum.
    Image and recipe courtesy of Baked Perfection

  • Boozy Mousse! 7 of 16
    babble boozy mousse

    This chocolate mousse comes together easily, thanks to ready-made whipped topping and instant pudding. A splash (or two) of Irish cream and coffee liqueurs makes this the perfect end to a "date night" dinner.
    Get the recipe at Babble

  • Amaretto Pecan Tartlettes 8 of 16
    babble boozy pecan tarts

    Having refrigerated pie crust at the ready means you can whip up these fancy-looking individual tarts any time (you probably have all the other ingredients on-hand already).  I love the subtle addition of a little Amaretto.
    Get the recipe at Babble

  • Corona Limeade Popsicles 9 of 16
    bakeaholic mama corona limeade pops

    How about some grown-up popsicles? Taking inspiration from one of my favorite drinks - Corona with a lime wedge - this easy recipe is genius, I tell you!
    Image and recipe courtesy of Bakeaholic Mama

  • Strawberry Margarita Pie 10 of 16
    ceramic canvas strawberry frozen margarita pie

    Summer is definitely NOT over! My husband loves strawberry margaritas and I can't wait to make this gorgeous frozen dessert. All the flavors of a strawberry margarita in a graham cracker crust? Yes, please.
    Image and recipe courtesy of Ceramic Canvas

  • Irish Cream Fudge 11 of 16
    i was born to cook irish cream fudge

    I'll admit - I'm a little intimidated at the thought of making fudge. But this recipe has only four ingredients - including salted pistachios and lots of white chocolate - so I'm feeling encouraged (that splash of Irish cream doesn't hurt either)!
    Image and recipe courtesy of I Was Born To Cook

  • Double Chocolate Patron Cupcakes 12 of 16
    the posh latin cook double chocolate patron cupcakes

    Chocolate Patron is the "secret" ingredient in the batter AND frosting of these decadent cupcakes.
    Image and recipe courtesy of The Posh Latin Cook

  • Grapefruit, Basil and Vodka Popsicles 13 of 16
    cooking stoned grapefruit basil vodka popsicles

    The trick to these gorgeous popsicles? Two types of grapefruits. The white grapefruit is juiced, and added to the base of  basil simple syrup and vodka. The ruby red grapefruit is left in sections, creating a marbled effect and delicious pulpy texture and flavor.
    Image and recipe courtesy of Cooking Stoned

  • Champagne Cupcakes 14 of 16
    ambrosia champagne cupcakes

    Don't these just shout out "Happy New Year"? I would love to make a toast with these charming cupcakes! They're light and airy (thanks to the champagne) and not too sweet - a perfect finale to a party meal. No champagne? No problem - you can use any sparkling wine you have on-hand.
    Image and recipe courtesy of Ambrosia

  • "Happy Hour" Hot Fudge Milkshake 15 of 16
    broma bakery happy hour hot fudge milkshake

    This picture says it all, but "just" in case - homemade hot fudge, bourbon laced milkshake and freshly whipped cream. Is it 5 o'clock yet?
    Image and recipe courtesy of Broma Bakery

  • Red Wine Truffles 16 of 16
    table for two boozy truffles

    The recipe that started it all! Put that leftover cab to use in these rich chocolate truffles!
    Image and recipe courtesy of Table For Two

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