Cheers! Become a Cocktail Master at the Touch of a Button

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Every year I have a Posada for Christmas and I invite all my friends to come and enjoy homemade tamales and other Mexican delicacies.  It seems that every person that walks through my door brings some kind of drink/spirit with them.  I end up with a bounty of many types of liquor and am left unsure with what to do with them all!

But this year will be different because of this awesome app on my Surface tablet called Cocktail Flow. You can punch in all the different spirits, mixers and liqueurs you have on hand and it will let you know which drinks are available to make.  It even breaks the drinks down into categories for you. If you are having a themed holiday party and want every drink to be red, the app lays out a vast array of red drinks for you to serve. Everything from “Rudolph The Red Nosed,” a lovely rum grenadine and cranberry drink, to “Agave Kiss” a tequila black raspberry liqueur creamy drink — there is even a section of non-alcoholic drinks for the designated driver in the crowd!

Isn’t that awesome?  You can fool your friends and family into thinking you are a master at making cocktails this holiday season. Here is a quick recipe I pulled off of the Cocktail Flow app that I will be making in a big batch for the perfect martini kind of night.


  • Let Your Surface Tablet Do The Mixing 1 of 9

    The wonder app "Cocktail Flow" gave me a recipe for the irresistibly delicious candy cane martini. This recipe can be made in advance in a large pitcher, and when people are ready to have a drink, simply shake it up in a shaker on ice. 

  • What You’ll Need 2 of 9

    Mint liqueur, vanilla vodka, and a candy cane as a stir. 

  • Pour In The Green 3 of 9

    Give your drink a healthy dose of mint liqueur by adding it to a shaker fill of ice. 

  • Vanilla Vodka 4 of 9

    Use a premium vanilla vodka, and pour it into the shaker. 

  • Pour In A Glass 5 of 9

    A dazzling holiday drink to warm up the season. 

  • Swirly 6 of 9

    Let your candy cane melt a little and it will flavor your drink nicely.

  • Holiday Cheer 7 of 9

    If you let your candy cane melt long enough, a layer of red will form at the bottom. 

  • Rudolph The Red Nosed 8 of 9

    This mighty little spirit might go down in history as the best drink of the night. Rudolph The Red Nosed: a lovely rum grenadine and cranberry drink. Keep the beverage in the holiday mood with a candy cane garnish. 

  • Agave Kiss 9 of 9

    If for some reason you never find the right person to kiss under the mistletoe, have yourself an Agave Kiss instead. This gorgeous pucker is made with tequila, black raspberry liqueur, and half and half... it makes for a creamy dreamy drink for sure. 

Ingredients for candy cane martini:

  • 1 1/2 – parts vanilla vodka
  • 1/4 – part mint liqueur
  • candy canes


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