Cheese and Apple Panini on Swirl Raisin Bread

Cheese and Apple Raisin Bread Panini
Cheese and Apple Raisin Bread Panini

My Cheese and Apple Panini on Raisin Bread is one of those cozy, comfort food lunches that makes even a gloomy, busy Monday seem a little brighter. Salty sweet flavors and a tangy crunch from sweet fresh apple and onion. And the best part of this kid-friendly sandwich is that is is grilled on two slices of cinnamon-raisin swirl bread. Get this Monday-blues-busting lunchbox recipe..

pre-pressed sandwich
pre-pressed sandwich
Melty Soy Cheese
Melty Soy Cheese

Any kid with this grilled sandwich in their lunchbox – or waiting for them when they get home will be the talk of the lunchroom – or kitchen table. I think simply mentioning that today’s lunch will be served on cinnamon-raisin swirl bread, will light up their eyes and make them giddy. And if they are raisin-afraid , you can sub with simple cinnamon swirl bread (raisin-free).

Kid-Friendly. I made this sandwich initially for myself so it contains a bit of spiciness – red pepper flakes and sweet red onion. But if your kids are opposed to such ingredients you can easily remove those ingredients. You can even add in your own ingredients like maybe a few leaves of spinach, crunchy sprouts – or simply leave it as a cheese & apple grilled sandwich on raisin bread.

Vegan Option. If you’d like to make this sandwich a bit healthier and dairy-free, try subbing soy cheese for your cheese slice.

The Perks. This sandwich is rich in fiber, whole grains, apple and onion nutrients, healthy olive oil fats and most important of all – it’s a lot of fun!

Even grown-ups will fall in love with these flavor combos..

If you have a panini press your sandwich will move a long much faster – or you can use a stove-top grill pan.

Melted Cheese Apple Panini
vegan, makes 4 sandwiches

1 extra large green apple – or fuji apple
*I used a Farmer’s Market Mutsu
1/2 a large red onion, sliced into rings
8 slices of whole grain or sprouted grain raisin bread
*you can use cinnamon raisin or classic raisin
1 1/2 cups of shredded white cheese – I used soy in the photos
1 Tbsp red pepper flakes (opt’l)
olive oil for drizzling
black pepper


1. Prep all you ingredients and get you panini press or grill pan sizzling hot.

panini ingredients
panini ingredients

2. Grill your apple and onion separately for about a minute – until grill marks or charred edges form.


3. Make sure to brush both sides of your bread with olive oil – you could also use buttery spread.

4. Assemble your sandwiches and press down on you panini pan or top grill pan.

5. Grill until the cheese begins to melt – usually about 2 minutes on each side or 3 minutes in a panini press.

6. Serve or slice and wrap in foil or wax paper if packing in a lunchbox.

Craving more grill marks? Check out my Grill Marks & Paninis Recipe Series.

Cheese and Apple Panini
Cheese and Apple Panini
Article Posted 5 years Ago

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