20 Meals and Snacks Kids Can Help Make

  • 20 Meals and Snacks Kids Can Help Make 1 of 21
    Mini pizzas, spaghetti, pretzels, and more!
  • Mini Pancake Cinnamon Rolls 2 of 21
    Once mom and dad cook and slice the pancakes, it’s up to the kids to turn them into these indulgent cinnamon rolls! Make mini pancake cinnamon rolls »
  • Easy Baked Croissant Egg Cups 3 of 21
    This recipe involves jobs that are perfect for little hands: pressing the dough into cups; sprinkling cheese, bacon and herbs inside them; or even breaking the eggs on top of the cups before you stick ’em in the oven.
    Make easy baked croissant egg cups »
  • Enchanted Sushi Roll-Ups 4 of 21
    DIY sushi can seem intimidating to parents, but even kids can whip up these easy roll-ups made with bread, vegetables, and cream cheese. A creative way to make sure your kids get their veggies in!
    Make enchanted sushi roll-ups »
  • Sunny Mushroom Nuggets 5 of 21
    If you’re a vegetarian family, your kids might have missed the fun of squishing meatballs into the right shape — until now! These mushroom and bean nuggets are just as fun to make as they are to eat.
    Make mushroom nuggets »
  • Bite-Sized Muffin Pizzas 6 of 21
    For an affordable and quick meal, these mini pizzas are a fun way to spice up a favorite food. Have your kid help you pinch off pizza dough, spread the sauce, and plop down the mozzarella cheese.
    Make bite-sized muffin pizzas »
  • Easy Pigs in a Blanket 7 of 21
    Who doesn’t love pigs in a blanket? Break out the crescent-roll dough and spend a few minutes with your children rolling up the hot dogs or sausages.
    Make easy pigs in a blanket »
  • Hot, Soft-Baked Pretzels 8 of 21
    If you’re running out of rainy-day ideas, try this fun, edible activity. Kids can stir together ingredients, knead the dough, and shape it into a pretzel — or any shape they want.
    Make soft-baked pretzels »
  • Homemade Hostess Blueberry Cutie Pies 9 of 21
    Do your kids balk at the idea of eating fruit? Ask them to help you place the blueberries in the middle of these pies and fold them over with a fork; we’ll guess they’ll be much more eager to get their berry fix once the pies are ready to eat!
    Make homemade Hostess blueberry cutie pies »
  • Spaghetti with Meatballs 10 of 21
    Aside from mincing the garlic, there’s no knifework in this recipe, making it the perfect meal for young ones to pitch in with. And fun steps such as tearing up bread, mixing eggs into ground meat, and molding meatballs make this beloved classic fun for them to cook!
    Make spaghetti with meatballs »
  • Pizza Bar 11 of 21
    What better way to get your kids in the kitchen than having them assemble their dinner from start to finish? With endless topping potential, there’s no telling what kooky pizza they’ll dream up each night.
    How to throw a pizza bar »
  • Homemade Lollies 12 of 21
    Help your children dip spoons into any hard candy recipe to make these suckers. When they cool, they’ll last a while — and for easy clean-up, just pop the used spoons into the dishwasher.
    Make homemade lollies »
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Puff Balls 13 of 21
    These grains look rich, but they’re really a tasty, healthy treat that kids will gobble up — and love helping out with! Have them help measure the cereal and shape everything into
    round peanut-butter balls.
    Make chocolate peanut butter puff balls »
  • Easy Coconut Pie and Homemade Bisquick 14 of 21
    If you want pie but don’t have time to spend a whole afternoon baking it, try this recipe. Kids can help stir in ingredients — and hungrily join you watching the oven as the pie bakes.
    Make easy coconut pie »
  • Yogurt Pops 15 of 21
    Everyone loves a good frozen treat for summer, but your kids can do without all the processed sugar and food dye. Solution: Make these wholesome yogurt and fruit popsicles together!
    Make yogurt pops »
  • Mini Peanut Butter Pillows 16 of 21
    This cookie recipe has two places where kids can step in and help: first by rolling the dough into circles and then by pressing forks into each cookie to make that classic peanut butter-cookie pattern.
    Make mini peanut butter pillows »
  • Rice Krispies Flowers 17 of 21
    Once these Rice Krispie treats are dried, your kids can cut out fun shapes with a cookie cutter and then decorate them with icing however they wish.
    Make Rice Krispies flowers »
  • Bubblegum Ice Cream Bars 18 of 21
    Throw a few bubblegum balls in with some vanilla ice cream, and this becomes a treat kids can help assemble however they’d like!
    Make bubblegum ice cream bars »
  • Nutella Pizza 19 of 21
    Cooking with kids is fun; cooking with kids and Nutella is even better. Have your little ones help spread the hazelnut-chocolate stuff onto the pie. Then they can sprinkle on healthy (shh!) flax seed and almonds.
    Make Nutella pizza »
  • Marshmallow Fondant 20 of 21
    For a simple, engaging activity in the kitchen that’s just as fun as smooshing Play-Doh, try this easy recipe for marshmallow fondant. It’ll keep your kids busy — and make your cakes even prettier.
    Make marshmallow fondant »
  • Rainbow Doodle Birthday Cake 21 of 21
    What birthday kid wouldn’t be excited about a birthday cake she drew on herself? This cake idea uses fondant and food decorator pens for a personalized, memorable birthday dessert.
    Make rainbow doodle birthday cake »

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