16 Chinese-American Recipes to Ring in the Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has many names including Lunar New Year and Spring Festival. No matter the preferred name, one thing’s for certain … the holiday is sure to bring families together for an annual celebration beginning with a large “reunion dinner.” We have a perfect selection of Chinese-American recipes you will need to make your holiday extra delicious and memorable.

  • 16 Chinese-American Recipes to Ring in the Chinese New Year 1 of 17
  • Egg Flower Soup 2 of 17

    This simple, yet super tasty soup is perfect for a Chinese New Year's meal. It's both traditional and totally delicious!

    Make egg flower soup

  • Broccoli and Mushroom Vegetable Fried Rice 3 of 17

    It doesn't get any more traditional or delicious in Chinese cuisine than fried rice, and this recipe with broccoli and mushrooms is sure to please!

    Make broccoli and mushroom vegetable fried rice

  • Orange Tangerine Salad with Pomegranate Seeds 4 of 17

    Add a bit of zest to your Chinese New Year with this orange tangerine salad. The pomegranate seeds add even more bite and a bit of sweetness.

    Make orange tangerine salad with pomegranate seeds

  • Homemade Egg Rolls 5 of 17

    Egg rolls are the perfect appetizer for a Chinese New Year's party — and surprisingly easy to make!

    Make homemade egg rolls

  • Chicken Lettuce Wraps 6 of 17

    Your Asian celebration will start in under an hour with these 20-minute lettuce wraps.

    Make chicken lettuce wraps 

  • Vegetable Dumplings 7 of 17

    In China, dumplings signify prosperity, so eat up! (Just don’t count them — it’s bad luck!)

    Make vegetable dumplings

  • Turkey Wonton Soup 8 of 17

    In Chinese culture, silver coins are placed inside wontons to signify good luck in the new year, but we prefer eating ours with a bowl of soup!

    Make turkey wonton soup

  • Asian Takeout Noodles 9 of 17

    Even picky eaters will join the celebration with these delicious (and easy) noodles!
    Make Asian takeout noodles

  • Orange Chicken 10 of 17

    Resolve to start making your own take out this Chinese New Year, starting with this awesome orange chicken!

    Make orange chicken

  • Shrimp and Bok Choy with Gingery Fried Rice 11 of 17

    Give your family a healthy start to the Year of the Horse with this light, fresh meal.

    Make shrimp and bok choy with gingery fried rice

  • Kung Pao Chicken 12 of 17

    Say "Happy New Year”" with a “pao” to your family’'s tastebuds!
    Make kung pao chicken

  • Bourbon Chicken 13 of 17

    Bring the buffet home for your party with Chinese bourbon chicken (but don't worry, the alcohol cooks out)!

    Make bourbon chicken

  • Sesame Noodles 14 of 17

    These sesame noodles require minimal work and pack big flavor. Plus, the flexible recipe lets your kids celebrate with any ingredients they want!

    Make sesame noodles

  • Golden Garlic Chow Mein 15 of 17

    This go-to Chinese bowl gets a bold makeover with a punch of garlic. Noodles infused with leeks and butter make going back for a second helping hard to resist!
    Make golden garlic chow mein

    Photo credit: Kathy Patalsky

  • Miso Tofu 16 of 17

    Yes, vegans can also get into the spirit of the Chinese New Year with this filling fare that's slathered in miso sauce! We predict even meat-eaters won't be able to get enough of this salty dish.
    Make miso tofu

    Photo credit: Kathy Patalsky

  • Hot and Sour Soup 17 of 17

    This zesty veggie-packed soup will warm you up long after your Chinese New Year celebrations have ended. And if you want an extra kick, throw in a dash of Sriracha chili sauce! Here's to a prosperous new year!

    Make hot and sour soup

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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