Choco-Pocket (in a flash!)

chocolate pocket
choco pocket

Warm bread and melty chocolate may seem like a simple combination. But this classic duo has been awakening taste buds for quite some time. Just think of the buttery chocolate croissant for example. Same deal. Well now you can get that chocolate-pocket deliciousness in an easy handheld snack bite that you make in your kitchen in a flash. Easy made in under two minutes. (Much quicker and healthier than a chocolate croissant!)

This recipe is great for using up leftover bags of chocolate chips or half-eaten bars of dark chocolate you may have in your pantry. Add peanut butter for an extra layer of flavor. Pair with tea or coffee for instant choco-bliss. Tips, another pic and the easy recipe ahead..

choco pocket
choco pocket

vegan, makes one

two ingredients!..
1 small pita pocket or bread pocket
a palm sized chunk of dark chocolate or 1-2 Tbsp dark chocolate chips

What I used:
*I used a Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds
* I used Vega’s Maca Chocolate! (Maca gives you a natural boost of energy, more info on HHL)

To Make:

1. Toast pocket bread in toaster – try to keep one whole piece so heat build inside pocket.
2. Remove from toaster – careully as it will be hot – slice tiny hole in top and stick in your chocolate. Smush around the chocolate in the steamy HOT bread to melt. Slice (or not) and serve while warm and melty. Easy!


* Use vegan dark chocolate for the most health benefits from antioxidant-rich cacao.
* Add some nut butter for a peanut butter or almond butter chocolate snack!
* Smaller pockets work best since they can be placed whole in most toasters.

photo credit: Kathy Patalsky


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