Chocolate for Dinner! 7 Mouthwatering Savory Chocolate Recipes

Chocolate’s so entwined with dessert that it can be hard to think of it as a savory ingredient. But it was only after 3,000 years of chocolate cultivation that sugar was added. In pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, chocolate was served as a bitter drink flavored with chilies and other spicy ingredients. While this flavor combination is rare today, chocolate does pair well with spicy and salty tastes, and several excellent dishes take advantage of this fact. Here are a few savory chocolate recipes that will have you seeing chocolate in a whole new light!

  • 7 Delicious Savory Chocolate Recipes 1 of 8

    Have chocolate for dinner with one of these irresistible savory chocolate recipes!

  • Smoky Texas-Style Chili 2 of 8

    Chili is a fusion dish par excellence, with a combination of both Old and New World ingredients and Mexican and Texan traditions. That makes it a perfect plate for using chocolate in a new and unexpected way. With smoky, spicy, and chocolaty flavors, this chili is sure to please.
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  • Chocolate Cornbread Cupcakes 3 of 8

    These fiery cornbread cupcakes use a little sweet chocolate for balance and the result is a surprising treat perfect for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner.
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    Image: Kelsey Banfield 

  • Chipotle Chili with Pumpkin 4 of 8

    For an autumnal take on a traditional Texas chili, try this spicy chipotle and chocolate chili with a little sweetness from pumpkin (you can sub in winter squash, too).
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  • Fontina, Apricot, and Chocolate Grilled Cheese 5 of 8

    Look, I know what you're thinking — chocolate and cheese can't possibly work. But it does! It works so very, very well.
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  • Chili Mole with Red Beans and Raisins 6 of 8

    Twenty years ago, mole sauce was something relatively unheard of in most of the US. We're lucky to be living in a time when this delicious style of chocolate-infused sauce is readily available.
    Shockingly Delicious has the recipe
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  • Marbled Rye Bread 7 of 8

    Marbled rye is a little unusual in that chocolate is used for color not for flavor. It's hard to believe it won't taste like chocolate bread, but it's true! You'll just have a perfect loaf of homemade marbled rye.
    Karen's Kitchen Stories has the recipe
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  • Chocolate Chipotle Chili 8 of 8
    7 Delicious Savory Chocolate Recipes

    Not only is this spicy-sweet chili going to taste fabulous, it's also going to make your house smell wonderful all afternoon!
    Cooking on the Weekends has the recipe
    Image: Cooking on the Weekends 

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