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    How's this for a Christmas tradition: for three years the Noe family in Crooks, SD turned their house into a visual music box on behalf of the Make-a-Wish Foundation with funding from various sponsors. From 2007 to 2009, over $73,000 was raise for the charity from the light display on their personal home. That's true music to Santa's ears.
  • Glory, Glory 2 of 12
    Are space aliens, led by the voice of Elvis, attacking baby Jesus? No, that’s just a 100-foot beam from this home’s personal North Star, which sits atop a glowing 60-foot Christmas tree. Approximately 250,000 lights and over 500 computer channels make this visual representation of the birth of the savior one we’ll never forget.
  • Hot Licks for Cold Nights 3 of 12
    The video game Guitar Hero is pretty awesome, but this home cranks it up to eleven with their version: Christmas Light Hero. Watch as this young boy solos his way into holiday high score greatness as he plays along with "Cliffs of Dover" by Eric Johnson.
  • Drum Roll, Please 4 of 12
    Talk about spreading Christmas cheer: neighbors in Murrieta, CA synchronized their home Christmas lights to the Little Drummer Boy to create a street-wide light show. Over 45,000 lights, 130 extension chords, 17 wireless controllers, and 13 houses were used for this festive display. If you’re dreading each home’s electricity bill, the choice to use LED lights kept their additional expenses to no more than $10/month!
  • You’re a Mean One 5 of 12
    This home in Montgomery, TX used 416 channels of the computer program Light-O-Rama to create an illuminated retelling of the story of the Grinch. It’s a bit hard to see in the dark, but there is actually a Grinch that shines each time the narrator sings.
  • Luke, I am Your Father (Christmas) 6 of 12
    It might not snow in Laguna Beach, but Christmas comes all the same, and this home wants to make sure their neighbors know the holiday season has arrived. Much like Jedi knights unleashing the Force on the Dark Side, this house lights up December with enough megawatts to melt away the year’s dark patches.
  • Valentines Day Oreo Pops 7 of 12
    What kid doesn't love chocolate-covered Oreos? Even better, throw them on a stick and you've got the perfect grab-and-go treat for your favorite Valentine. Make 3-ingredient Valentine's Day Oreo pops
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    Christmas comes but once a year, which means when it’s here, we gotta celebrate. This house totally gets it. The super smooth style of this light show (especially the groovin’ windows) is sure to make the Black Eyed Peas proud. Sixty-one mph winds tore through this display just weeks before it was filmed, causing a few lights to go boom, boom, pow, but with such expert craftsmanship, we can’t even tell — we’re too busy dancing.
  • A Very Merry Metallica Christmas 9 of 12
    Enter Sandman? Try enter snowman. It took 14 hours of programming to create this rocking light sequence, which, to Metallica, is just one rough night on the road. Bang your head, raise your hands, and let loose to this hardcore holiday display.
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    Do the math: 32 channels, 14,260 lights, .034 miles of extension cord, 11.6 amps of power, 7 deer, 3 blowup yard decorations, 17 Christmas trees, and 1 Texas Christmas Cactus make this Round Rock, TX yard a show — and traffic — stopper. Many thanks to this home for bringing a true bit of joy to our holiday lives.
  • A Picture-Perfect Light Display 11 of 12
    Last Christmas, the Holdman family recorded their epic (and lengthy) light show after a fresh snowstorm for DVD release. A $10 donation to the Make-A-Wish Foundation will get you a copy of the complete show to call your very own. You can purchase and make your donation here. In the meantime, enjoy this nearly 15-minute clip of show highlights!
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