Christmas On the Cheap: $1 Holiday Gifts, Treats, and Eats

‘Tis the season for pinched pennies and tight budgets, isn’t it? With all the people you’ve got to remember, all the gifts you’ve got to send, all the parties you’ve got to tote treats to, all the mealtimes you’ve got to put in front of your dear little family, it’s easy to feel your dollars stretched to the max–if not totally disappearing right outta your purse. There’s no reason to panic! We’ve pulled together 15 fabulous gifts, recipes, and holiday dinners that will cost you just a buck a piece. From cute kitchen crafts to yummy meals, here are the best budget ideas that will help your Christmas be cool, without being costly.

  • $1 Dinner 1 of 15
    Grab a 10-cent pack of ramen, a small pepper, and a handful of snow peas and you've got a $1 dinner that is festive, too! You'll have to nix the chicken from the recipe to stay within budget, of course.
    Click for the recipe from Buzzle.
  • $1 Snack 2 of 15
    Homemade Kettle Corn makes a perfectly delightsome gift. So simple, so cheap, so delish!
    Click for the recipe from Savory Sweet Life.
  • $1 Gift Idea 3 of 15
    Use a buck to buy clothespins and scrapbook paper or paint then create your own gourmet chip clips!
    Click for the idea from The Crafty Mama Blog.
  • $1 Treats 4 of 15
    It'll cost you a little more than a dollar to gather all the supplies, but each of these marshmallow pops will end up costing significantly less than a buck!
    Click for the recipe from Oz Wildlife Studio.
  • $1 Dessert 5 of 15
    These festive star treats can be made in bulk for just a few cents!
    Click for the recipe from The Rice Krispie Website.
  • $1 Sprinkles 6 of 15
    How fun would it be to deliver little packs of homemade sprinkles to your friends and neighbors? Here's a simple recipe and tutorial that will help you do just that…for less than one buck!
    Click for the recipe from Eat Good 4 Life.
  • $1 Eats 7 of 15
    Don't even spend a dollar this year! You likely have all the ingredients needed to make a batch of hot, homemade pretzels. Deliver them to friends and neighbors with a hug and you've just given the most perfect gift, ever!
    Click for the recipe from Macheesmo.
  • $1 Gift Idea 8 of 15
    A little flour, salt, and baking powder is the basis for this simple (and cheap!) Homemade Pancake and Waffle mix. Wrap it tightly in a ziploc bag, then tie it into a brown paper bag for an inexpensive gift wrap.
    Click for the recipe from Country Living.
  • $1 Recipe 9 of 15
    You'll pay boatloads of pennies at gourmet food stores for homemade flour tortilla chips, but you can make several batches for just a buck each with this straightforward recipe. Just be sure to deliver them while they are fresh! They taste so much better that way!
    Click for the recipe from Create-Celebrate-Explore.
  • $1 Meal 10 of 15
    Need a quick Christmas meal? These buttered egg noodles can be made on the cheap, on the fly, and on the quick!
    Click for the recipe from Food Network.
  • $1 Supper 11 of 15
    Pea and Egg Fried Rice will feed the whole Christmas crowd for just a few cents per serving!
    Click for the recipe from Greedy Gourmet.
  • $1 Cookies 12 of 15
    If you've got sugar and egg whites, you've got yourself a whole batch of these beautiful peppermint meringues.
    Click for the recipe from Joy the Baker.
  • $1 Chocolate 13 of 15
    This batch of Texas Chocolate Chip Cookies starts with a box of Jiffy Mix, which is so cheap it's silly.
    Click for the recipe from Semi-Sweetie.
  • $1 Sweet 14 of 15
    Candy Cane sugar makes a beautiful gift that turns cocoa, coffee, and cookies into sparkling treats.
    Click for the recipe for Homemade Peppermint Sugar.
  • $1 Nosh 15 of 15
    Use them for simmering cinnamon potpourri, or for homemade snacks. Dried cinnamon apple chips are versatile for the holidays!
    Click for the recipe from Create-Celebrate-Explore.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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