Christmas Tree Cupcakes with the Kids

christmas-tree-cupcakes-200x3001We’ve been busy making cupcakes here, and after yesterday’s surprise hot chocolate cupcakes, I felt inspired to make some cute ones where the kids had a hand in decorating them.

After searching the internets and having Brooke send me in the direction of Bakerella, I went with a revised, kid-friendly approach to her Christmas tree cupcakes that I thought we could pull off with minimal help from mom. We did away with the tree trunks and went with setting said cupcakes right on the blue snow. Why blue snow? Well, to set it apart from our snow-covered tree, and because I have blue in my mixed bag of all natural food dyes, so it was a perfect solution, and I was sold on the white trees. Presents you will find none, but cute, clearance-priced snowflakes courtesy of Michaels Craft Store you will see aplenty. Use whatever you have or whatever you can find, hand the icing and cupcakes to your kids, and watch them create works of art.

It worked! I love when ideas work and mom can stand back and watch her kids have fun and be proud of what they created. Watch out, neighbors. I’ve got kids delivering cupcakes to your door this evening.

Christmas Tree Cupcakes

12 cupcakes using your favorite cupcake recipe
12 regular or mini sugar cones
white frosting of choice
blue food dye
star or snowflake confections
pearled sprinkles
white sanding sugar

Color half of the icing a pale blue color and spread on cupcakes. Then have your kids spread white icing on the sugar cones and place them on top of the cupcakes. To make different sized trees, just saw off the bottom of the cones with a jagged blade, taking care not to crack the cone.

Decorate trees with snowflakes, stars and sprinkles. Dust entire cupcake with sanding sugar to create sparkle and “snow.”

Makes 12 Christmas Tree Cupcakes.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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