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    Dishes inspired by 50 cities and states
  • Alabama Buttermilk Biscuits 2 of 52
    Buttermilk biscuits are one of ’Bama’s best local foods. Whip up this fluffy, flaky version in no time and serve with jam for a southern-style breakfast.
    Make Alabama buttermilk biscuits »
  • Baked Salmon Alaska 3 of 52
    Salmon is Alaska’s state fish — and we’d swim upstream for this panko-crusted version!
    Make baked salmon Alaska »
  • Arizona Quesadillas 4 of 52
    Cheese crisps, open-faced flour tortillas smothered in butter and cheese, are huge in Tuscon. Transform these quesadillas into the Arizona staple by using just one tortilla instead of two.
    Make Arizona quesadillas »
  • Arkansas Fried Pickles 5 of 52
    This dish hit it big in Atkins, AR, so there’s no better (edible) way to celebrate the state. And kids will love dunking these bites in dips like ranch dressing.
    Make Arkansas fried pickles »
  • Bacon-Wrapped California Hot Dogs 6 of 52
    Toted as the official hot dog of LA, these bacon-wrapped dogs are meant to be slathered in rich honey barbecue sauce and served sizzling hot — with all the right fixins, of course.
    Make bacon-wrapped California hot dogs »
  • Denver Bison Burger 7 of 52
    Denver is home to the National Bison Association, so if you’re looking for some Colorado cuisine, these hummus-topped bison patties are simply divine.
    Make a Denver bison burger »
  • New Haven Hamburger 8 of 52
    Louis’ Lunch in New Haven calls itself the first restaurant to serve hamburgers. You can dress up this classic burger however you like — with all the trimmings or plain!
    Make a New Haven hamburger »
  • Delaware Peach Pie 9 of 52
    This peachy-keen pie happens to be the official state dessert of Delaware. One slice and we’re in foodie heaven!
    Make Delaware peach pie »
  • Florida-Style Cuban Sandwich 10 of 52
    You won’t be able to resist the melted-ham-and-cheese bliss that is the Cuban sandwich, a beloved meal in Miami and Tampa.
    Make a Florida-style Cuban sandwich »
  • Savannah Tomato Pie 11 of 52
    We say, “I do” to this cheesy recipe for tomato pie, a popular southern wedding dish
    straight from Savannah.
    Make Savannah tomato pie »
  • Hawaiian Kalua Pork 12 of 52
    This succulent dish is as authentic as it gets — well, outside of the Hawaiian Islands. You don’t even need an imu, a Hawaiian BBQ pit; just prep it in a slow cooker and get ready to luau!
    Make Hawaiian kalua pork »
  • Mac 13 of 52
    Idaho might as well be synonymous with potatoes, right? We bow down to this kid-pleasing mac and cheese-stuffed version — crispy on the outside, rich and velvety on the inside.
    Make mac & cheese stuffed Idaho potatoes »
  • Chicago Hot Dogs 14 of 52
    All the genuine flavor and toppings of a hot dog you’d get at a Chicago Cubs game — without
    the screaming fans.
    Make Chicago hot dogs »
  • Indiana Hoosier Cupcakes 15 of 52
    Hoosier cake is practically exclusive to Indiana, and these sugary bites are adapted from one such recipe. Don’t forget to add the secret ingredient!
    Make Indiana Hoosier cupcakes »
  • Iowa Corn Dogs 16 of 52
    Thanks to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, this state holds the record for the most people eating corn dogs simultaneously. Your family may not eat quite as many, but we’re sure they’ll gobble up this easy recipe.
    Make Iowa corn dogs »
  • Kansas City-Style Beef Ribs 17 of 52
    We bet this is something Auntie Em would have put on the table for Dorothy! Get a taste of the city that’s famed for its BBQ with these fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs.
    Make Kansas City-style baby back ribs »
  • Kentucky Hot Brown Sandwich 18 of 52
    This traditional Kentucky Derby fare dates all the way back to the rip-roaring ’20s. A glorious cheese sauce topping really takes it to the next level.
    Make a Kentucky hot brown Sandwich »
  • New Orleans Hurricane Cocktail 19 of 52
    This Mardi Gras mainstay was named after the lamp-shaped glasses they were originally served in back in the day. Prepare our virgin version so little ones can celebrate Fat Tuesday, too!
    Make a New Orleans hurricane cocktail »
  • Maine Lobster Rolls 20 of 52
    Tomatoes, avocado, bacon, and provolone all make way for the “Maine” event of this sandwich: lobster, which this state is famous for.
    Make Maine lobster rolls »
  • Baltimore Crab Cakes 21 of 52
    You’ll find the best crab cakes in Baltimore, as they’re uber popular in the Chesapeake Bay state. The tangy tropical salsa that comes with our version will give your taste buds an extra kick.
    Make Baltimore crab cakes »
  • Boston Baked Beans 22 of 52
    Boston isn’t called “Beantown” for nothing! These slow-roasted, chipotle baked beans are perfect for summer barbecues.
    Make Boston baked beans »
  • Michigans Pineapple Dutch Baby Pancakes 23 of 52
    Though somewhat incorrectly named — it doesn’t come from Holland and it’s more like a Yorkshire pudding than a pancake — the Dutch baby pancake makes a great breakfast treat. And, after all, it does remind us of Holland, MI, the country’s Dutch capital.
    Make Michigan’s pineapple Dutch baby pancakes »
  • Minnesotan Jalapeno Cheddar-Stuffed Burgers 24 of 52
    Like the Juicy Lucy, the famed local burger of Minneapolis, these burgers boast a molten core of cheese — except this cheese is bursting with spicy jalapenos! (Feel free to leave them out for younger eaters.)
    Make a Minnesotan jalapeno cheddar-stuffed burger »
  • Mississippi Mud Bars 25 of 52
    A chocolate lover’s dream, Mississippi mud (rumored to have originated in this state) can be made into cakes, pies, or bars, like these sinfully fudgy treats.
    Make Mississippi mud bars »
  • Gooey St. Louis Butter Cake 26 of 52
    As legend goes, this traditional St. Louis treat is a happy accident! A baker added the wrong proportions of ingredients into his cake batter, resulting in a delightfully gooey, mouth-watering
    cake — like this one.
    Make gooey St. Louis butter cake »
  • Montana Pasties or Meat Pies 27 of 52
    These tasty meat pies were popularized in the coal mines of Butte, MT, but you can bring these muffin-sized versions into your home with this recipe.
    Make Montana pasties or meat pies »
  • Omaha Steak Sandwich 28 of 52
    You could get steaks shipped all the way from Omaha Steaks, Nebraska’s esteemed gourmet business. Or you could just make this quick, easy, and just-as-delicious sandwich at home.
    Make an Omaha steak sandwich »
  • Las Vegas Golden Nuggets 29 of 52
    If you don't quite have the cash to blow at the famous Golden Nugget casino/hotel in Las Vegas, try your luck with these decadent, chocolate "golden nuggets" at home.
    Make Las Vegas golden nuggets »
  • New Hampshire Pumpkin Spice Bread 30 of 52
    Who says pumpkin is just for fall? They love it so much in New Hampshire that it’s their state fruit — and we love it so much, we’re sharing this sweet treat with you.
    Make New Hampshire pumpkin spice bread »
  • New Jersey-Style Tomato Sauce 31 of 52
    Discover the juicy state veggie of Jersey with this simple, 3-step tomato sauce. The best tomatoes are grown in the Garden state, but let little hands help you plant a rival bunch!
    Make New-Jersey style tomato sauce »
  • Santa Fe Enchiladas 32 of 52
    Top layers of corn tortillas with rich sauce and cheese and you’ll feel like you’re at a fiesta in Santa Fe for sure. (Shhh, these enchiladas are vegan, too!)
    Make Santa Fe enchiladas »
  • New York Cheesecake 33 of 52
    The key to New York-style cheesecake, one of the Big Apple’s culinary claims to fame, is heavy cream, which is the star ingredient in this tangy classic.
    Make New York cheesecake »
  • North Carolina Hush Puppies 34 of 52
    These crispy, golden corn fritters have strong ties to the American South, so you’d be hard-pressed not to find them on a dinner table in North Carolina!
    Make North Carolina hush puppies »
  • North Dakota Quinoa 35 of 52
    North Dakota is known as the birthplace of cream of wheat, but for a similarly hearty and hot cereal breakfast, switch it up and try this fluffy quinoa instead.
    Make North Dakota quinoa »
  • Ohio Buckeyes 36 of 52
    These peanut butter-y treats are named after the buckeye, the Ohio state tree. Why? We’re not sure, but we’re not complaining. Let little hands help you roll the PB into balls and dip
    them in chocolate.
    Make Ohio buckeyes »
  • Oklahoma Pecan Pie 37 of 52
    Pecan pie is the sweet part of Oklahoma’s official state meal. And adding this classic to your meal is simple; it’s super easy to make from scratch, even for first-timers.
    Make Oklahoma pecan pie »
  • Oregons Hazelnut-Crusted Brie 38 of 52
    Outside of Washington, Oregon is the only other place in the U.S. where hazelnuts can grow. Without them, these fried Brie bites would lose their signature crunch.
    Make Oregon’s hazelnut-crusted Brie »
  • Philly Cheesesteak 39 of 52
    Geno’s or Pat’s? Both restaurants claim to have the best cheesesteaks in Philly. No need to choose sides when you can make your own at home!
    Make Philly cheesesteak »
  • Rhode Islands Frozen Lemonade 40 of 52
    This chilly summer sipper is meant to be made with real snow — yup, that how they do it at Del’s in Rhode Island — but you can make it your own way this summer by subbing in ice.
    Make Rhode Island’s famous frozen lemonade »
  • South Carolina Sweet Tea 41 of 52
    This southern-style recipe has been passed down for generations, and while folks in SC do it their way, you can customize the sweetness to your family’s tastes.
    Make South Carolina sweet tea »
  • South Dakota Kuchen 42 of 52
    Kuchen (the German word for “cake”) is the official state dessert of South Dakota. It has many forms, but our favorite variation is pie-like with sweet custard filling, like this easy
    butterscotch brulee pie!
    Make South Dakota kuchen »
  • Memphis-Style Barbecued Ribs 43 of 52
    There’s a Memphis flair to these ribs that can only be rivaled by the real thing. Save a trip to Tennessee and get a little messy (in a good way) with these barbecue sauce-slathered baby backs.
    Make Memphis-style barbecued ribs »
  • Texas Chili Bowl 44 of 52
    Chili is Texas’ official state dish, so fire up a pot of this ultimate firehouse chili, let it simmer to perfection, and dig in.
    Make a Texas chili bowl »
  • Utahs Stained Glass Jell-O 45 of 52
    Rumor has it Jell-O is abundant in Utah. In fact, green Jell-O has been declared the state’s official snack! This version may not be just green, but kids will love the array of colors!
    Make Utah’s stained glass Jell-O »
  • Vermont Apple Pie 46 of 52
    This deep-dish caramel apple pie is the official state dish of Vermont — and also stars the
    state’s official fruit!
    Make Vermont apple pie »
  • Virginia Sweet Corn Pudding 47 of 52
    It would be nice if you could make this sweet pudding with fresh Virginia corn, but just sub in jiffy corn to spoon out a sweet side dish for dinner.
    Make Virginia sweet corn pudding »
  • Seattle Caramel Macchiato 48 of 52
    We can't think of a better way to represent the city known for its coffee than with this Starbucks caramel macchiato copycat. After all, the first Starbucks actually opened in Seattle!
    Make a Seattle caramel macchiato »
  • West Virginia Pepperoni Rolls 49 of 52
    Kids will go crazy for these bite-sized, pepperoni-packed pizza puffs — and they can thank West Virginian Giuseppe "Joseph" Argiro for creating the snacks in the first place!
    Make West Virginia pepperoni rolls »
  • Wisconsin Bratwurst 50 of 52
    Want to make the perfect bratwurst? Boil it in beer to make it super moist — nothing but the best for the soul food of Wisconsin!
    Make Wisconsin bratwurst »
  • Wyoming Cowboy Cookies 51 of 52
    Packed with nuts, chocolate chips, and coconut, these classic cowboy cookies couldn’t be more perfect to represent the Cowboy State. Can we get a yee-haw?
    Make Wyoming cowboy cookies »
  • Bonus: D.C. Senate Soup 52 of 52
    Slurped by countless presidents and politicians of yore, this traditional soup — made with navy beans, potatoes, and ham — is on the menu daily in the congressional dining areas. Add it
    to yours, too!
    Make D.C. Senate soup »

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